Apply as a free mover for Spring Semester 2023


How can I apply for the visiting programme at HSE University - Saint Petersburg if my university is not in the list of the partner universities?

You can apply as a free mover student by filling in the Application Form. Within the following month you will receive an email from us with all the further details about you exchange period and a link for the application in Applicant's Online Account. You must fill in the form in Applicant's Online Account, afterwards we start the registration process. You can find more information in Step 1. Application Process.

What are the deadlines for a free mover application?

The nomination deadline for the Fall Semester and Full Year mobility programme is May 15; for the Spring Semester – October 1. The application deadlines: Fall Semester and Full Year - June 1; application deadline for Spring Semester - October 15. Please note that the deadlines are also defined by the sending university and they are prior to the dates mentioned above. If you have missed the deadline, please contact us and we will see what can be done (you should take into consideration that obtaining a Russian Study Visa may take up to 1,5 month).

What is the mode of study for the 2022-2023 Academic year?

All students and graduate students are allowed to take offline classes at the university, except for those in isolation due to illness or contact with a coronavirus infection. During classes it is necessary to comply with the established sanitary and epidemiological requirements (social distancing, sanitization of hands, etc.). University-wide electives will remain online. The final decision on the format of the classes is made by the academic supervisor of the study program.

Which courses are available for free movers?

As an international student at HSE University - Saint Petersburg you will be able to choose from a range of undergraduate and graduate courses in English and Russian language. Please check the HSE Course Catalog and apply the filters to find the most relevant to your study programme courses.

What are the Tuition & Fees for free movers?

We expect free mover students to take at least 15 ECTS per semester (3-4 courses). For the free mover each course is charged at a rate of 9,000 RUB per 1 ECTS. For example, a 4 ECTS course costs 36,000 rubles. 

How to apply for the Russian Student visa?

For the Russian Student visa application, you need to receive an invitation letter from the university. More detailed information could be found in Step 2.Invitation Letter. Please read carefully the information about entering the Russian Federation for studying in 2022-2023.


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