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Fact Sheet 2023-2024

What is an exchange student mobility programme?

An International Student Mobility (Student Exchange) programme is an opportunity for the students from the partner universities to study at HSE University - Saint Petersburg for a period starting from 3 months to a full academic year.

Which mobility programmes are open for nominees?

Depending on your home university, you can apply for the variety of the programmes:

How to apply for an international student exchange programme and what are the steps during Nomination period?

First of all, you should reach out to the International Office/Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility office/ QTEM department at your home university. There you will receive information about the requirements, terms and conditions for an exchange programme with HSE University - Saint Petersburg.

Secondly, your coordinator from your home university will fill out our Nomination Form in order to provide us with the details on your intention to study at HSE University - Saint Petersburg.

Thirdly, after being nominated, you will receive an email from us with all the further details about you exchange period and later a link for the application in Applicant's Online Account (ASAV). You must fill in the form in Applicant's Online Account, afterwards we start the process of enrollment. You can find more information in Pre-arrival information.

What are the deadlines for nominations?

Autumn semester and full academic year:

Nomination deadline – May 15

Application deadline – June 1

Spring semester:

Nomination deadline – Ocotber 1

Application deadline – October 15

Please note that the deadlines are also defined by the sending university and they are prior to the dates mentioned above. If you missed the deadline, please contact us and we will see what can be done (you should take into consideration that obtaining a Russian study visa may take up to 1,5 month).

What is the study mode for the 2023-2024 academic year?

Most of the courses are offline with possible online elements. HSE has also a limited number of online intercampus courses. 

Which courses are available for exchange students?

As an international student at HSE University - Saint Petersburg, you will be able to choose from a range of undergraduate and graduate courses in English and Russian language. Please check the HSE Course Catalogue and apply the filters to find the most relevant to your study programme courses.

Do I pay any tuition fees?

Participants of exchange-based programmes (bilateral, E+, QTEM) usually pay their tuition fee to their home university and do not pay tuition fee at HSE University - Saint Petersburg. We expect students to bear the airfare, migration, accommodation and living expenses.

How to apply for the Russian student visa?

For the Russian student visa application you need to receive an invitation letter. More detailed information could be found in Invitation Letter and Russian study visa. Please read carefully the information about entering the Russian Federation for studying in 2023-2024.