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Arts and Culture Management
Master’s Programme

Arts and Culture Management

2 years
Full-time programme
180 000 –
360 000 RUB/year
Tuition Fee in 2023
Russian government and HSE scholarships and tuition fee waivers available
Instruction in English

Programme benefits

Who is this programme for?

What will you study?

Вusiness and research projects




Classes at the Hermitage, internships at the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, cooperation with Sevkabel Port—all these things are part of student life on the Master's programme 'Arts and Culture Management'. Over the last year, Alisa Chernova, second-year student of the programme, has managed to study Dutch art in St Petersburg's main museum, attend the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, and help organise the CIBA-2023 cultural event. Find out about these and Alisa's dream project in this interview.
August 28
At HSE University-St Petersburg, students of some programmes have the opportunity to get two diplomas after graduation: one from HSE and one from a foreign partner university. Find out which programmes offer double-degree tracks and which foreign universities are involved.
July 19
Galina Shirokova, Professor at the Department of Management at HSE University-St Petersburg, has worked alongside international researchers to identify the role of social circles and cultural values in the success of young businesswomen. They found that support within a group increases the chances of women engaging in entrepreneurship.
June 28
The English-taught Master's programme 'Arts and Culture Management' was designed for those who want to become successful in creative industries and are ready to create new projects, combining art and business. The programme partners are the State Hermitage Museum, the Alexandrinsky Theatre, the Fabergé Museum, 'Sevkabel Port' and others. Read the interview with Elena Zelenskaya, Academic Supervisor of the programme.
June 07
On April 20, the conference 'CIBA: Creative Industries. Business. Art' took place. It was organised by students of the Master's programme 'Arts and Culture Management' in cooperation with the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre. The event was attended by 225 people, and the online broadcast on the VK social network had more than 230,000 views.
April 24
On April 20, the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre will host CIBA-2023, a conference on creative industries organised by students of the Master's programme 'Arts and Culture Management'. This year's event, which is devoted to the role of art in the corporate environment, marks the third time the conference has been held. Entry to the event is free.
April 12
Students who come to a new country often do not know where to start, what to do first, who to turn to, and so on. In such situations, HSE University-St Petersburg and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) help international students adapt by providing buddies. ESN is the biggest student organisation in Europe that helps students integrate into the local society better. Buddies are local student volunteers who help international students and make their life at the university easier.
April 05
China and Russia have numerous opportunities for future mutual development while respecting each other’s traditions and cultural backgrounds. These possibilities are enhanced by the Master’s programme ‘Arts and Culture Management’, which has already welcomed students from China. They shared their impressions of their studies and how they see ‘a heaven in a wild flower’ (William Blake, 1803) in St Petersburg's everyday life.
March 22
The diverse HSE University community includes people from different countries and continents who can share their cultural experiences and generate novel ideas with their never-ending creativity and love for art. The Master's programme 'Arts and Culture Management' welcomed several students from Nigeria last year. Today, they are happy to share their sources of inspiration and their expectations of the programme and their future life.
March 14
Already for six months, Ekaterina Khozyainovaа and Elizaveta Chesnokova, 2nd-year students of the Master's programme 'Arts and Culture Management', have been studying in Italy under the double-degree programme with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart: they immerse themselves in the industry, visit cultural places of Milan (for example, the opera house La Scala), and enjoy the art. Read more about the students' thoughts and impressions in the article.
March 07
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Curricula of the Master’s Programme

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