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HSE master’s students to study alongside students from the University of Maryland

Joint classes will begin in February 2015 for first-year master’s students in the State and Local Administration programme at HSE’s St. Petersburg campus and students in the Urban Studies and Planning master’s programme at the University of Maryland (U.S.). Classes will be held in the format of video conferences and take place once a week over the course of three semesters.

Becoming an Exchange Student is Easy

Olga Okulova, Director of the International Office at the HSE in St. Petersburg, spoke with the HSE news service about the university’s student exchange programme, as well as about the HSE’s partners, international projects and the future plans of the International Office.

Illustration for news: Cultural Events in Economic Reflection

Cultural Events in Economic Reflection

From July 7 – 13, 2014, the Laboratory of Economics of Culture at the HSE in St. Petersburg held an International Summer School ‘Impacts of Cultural Events on Small and Medium-size Art-oriented Towns’ (ICE – SMART). This was the first summer school organized as part of the master’s programme ‘Experience Economy: Hospitality and Tourism Management’.

Young People Live in the Present

Experts from the HSE Centre of Youth Studies in St. Petersburg presented the results of research about young people in 14 European countries, including Russia. The study was part of an international project MYPLACE: Memory, Youth, Political Legacy and Civic Engagement.

Historical Recruitment

The HSE Faculty of History in St. Petersburg will be joined by two world-class experts. Sergey Glebov, lecturer at Amherst College and Smith College (Massachusetts, USA), and Nathan Markus, researcher at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem Department of Economics, will start teaching at the HSE in September. These appointments are part of the university’s international recruitment programme.

An Academic Approach to Cultural Tourism

The International Summer School, ‘Impacts of Cultural Events on Small and Medium-size Art-oriented Towns,’ has begun.

Legends and Myths of Modern Economics

On June 11th, 2014 Tomáš Sedláček, Czech economist and author of Economics of Good and Evil  and Homo Economicus gave a lecture at a joint seminar of the International Centre for Social and Economic Research ‘Leontief Centre’ and the HSE in Saint Petersburg.

Trust Can Eliminate Corruption

On June 5, research fellows at the HSE Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (LCSR) took part in the 3rd International Conference ‘Business Ethics and National Models of Behavior’, which was held at the Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance. 

Illustration for news: Videos of the Public Lectures during the International Week

Videos of the Public Lectures during the International Week

Public lecture by Prof. Raymond Taras "The politics of fear and the making of foreign policy: case studies fom Europe"
Public lecture by Prof. Eduard Ponarin "Happiness in Russia in Comparative perspective" 
Public lecture by Associate Prof. Simo Mikkonen "History as interpretation: from national to transnational history"

Illustration for news: Ronald G. Suny: Legacies of Empire in Russian History

Ronald G. Suny: Legacies of Empire in Russian History

Professor of political and social history of the University of Michigan Ronald Suny held   a public lecture at the joint session of the seminar “Boundaries of History” of the Faculty of History and Center for Historical Research, and the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research, Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg on March 13, 2014.