HSE University – St Petersburg offers 25 programmes leading to a state-accredited Master’s degree. 19 programmes are delivered in Russian language and also include courses taught in English.

The proportion of English-taught and Russian-taught courses inside curricula varies among programmes.

This means that proficiency in both Russian and English is required to meet entry requirements and to successfully graduate from these programmes. 

6 graduate programmes are fully taught in English.

2 years


120 ECTS

Admissions Tracks

There are three admission tracks available for international applicants, which complement one another.

1. International Admissions

International Applications to the graduate programmes for 2023/2024 academic year are open: :

  • by August 13, 2023 – for citizens from countries with visa regime;
  • by August 13, 2023 – for citizens from visa-free countries.

International applicants are required to submit portfolio and have an interview (online or on-campus).

All applicants have the opportunity to be enrolled as a self-paid student or get an HSE Gold Scholarship.

Please note that all applicants conditionally accepted the HSE Gold Scholarship have to provide the required documents in soft copies no later than April 2, 2023.

Graduate international applicants are welcomed to take part in the following competitions (some restrictions apply):

2. Competitions / Olympiads 

Please check the deadlines and requirements on the webpages of the Olympiads.

Winners have the opportunity to get a scholarship or receive additional benefits if they are entering self-paid seats.

3. General Admission (limited eligibility)

Certain categories of international applicants are eligible to apply for a state-funded seat or a self-funded seat:

  • Citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan (national passport must be provided).  
  • Citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova,Tajikistan,Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine permanently residing in Russia (permanent residence document must be provided).
  • Compatriots living abroad (Compatriot status confirmation must be provided according to Federal Law N99 dated 24.05.1999).

Under the general admission international applicants compete with Russian applicants.

Please check this webpage to learn more about the general admission (available only in Russian).

If you have questions regarding general admission, please contact via abitur-spb@hse.ru

Admissions Dates

Admission Requirements

  • Entrance trials include a portfolio competition and an interview.
  • The portfolio includes the following documents: CV, motivation letter, at least one recommendation letter; copy of the bachelor's degree.

Criteria for Portfolio Assessment Master Programmes 2023/2024 


How to Apply

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Ksenia Khramtsovskaya

Graduate Programmes Coordinator