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Scholarships for International Applicants and Students at HSE - Saint Petersburg

HSE - Saint Petersburg offers several scholarships providing 25% to 100% tuition fee discount to support most motivated international applicants and most outstanding international students.

HSE Gold Scholarship (Russian State-funded quota)

Scholarship provides:

  • Unconditional 100% tuition fee waiver for the whole period of studies at any of campus undergraduate or graduate programme  
  • Monthly scholarship 1500 RUR, guaranteed place at the dormitory at low rate
  • 100 scholarships available each year for both undergraduate and graduate studies

Eligibility criteria:

  1. outstanding academic quality, extracurricular achievements, great motivation shown in application and at interview 
  2. top scores for application review and interview with Admissions Commission
  3. proper submission of additional scholarship application package 

How to apply?

  1. apply for any programme before May 1, 2018
  2. while filling out the online application form, tick the "Tuition-free (quota)" box; if this box is not tickable, no scholarships are available for this programme
  3. prove your eligibility and outstanding motivation during the interview with the programme's selection committee or at the entrance examinations!

Please note: the number of HSE Gold Scholarships allocated for each degree programme is very limited, and the scholarships are highly competitive. Please check with our International Admissions whether any HSE Gold Scholarships are still available at the programme at the time of your application!

HSE Top Applicant Scholarship

This scholarship provides a substantial discount off the first year tuition fee and is awarded for earning top scores at entrance examinations (undergraduate applicants) or portfolio competition (graduate applicants).

Eligibility (graduate applicants):

  1. Overal score for portfolio competition (application review + interview) 60-74 qualifies for a 25% discount off tuition fee 
  2. Overal score for portfolio competition (application review + interview) above 75 qualifies for a 50% discount off tuition fee 

Eligibility (undergraduate applicants):

  1. Applicants with the cumulative score 130-140 for two entrance exams qualify for a 25% discount off tuition fee 
  2. Applicants with the cumulative score 150-169 for two entrance exams qualify for a 50% discount off tuition fee 
  3. Applicants with the cumulative score 170 and more for two entrance exams qualify for a 70% discount off tuition fee

How to apply?

HSE Top Applicant Scholarship is awarded automatically upon completion of entrance examinations / portfolio competition. Our International Admissions will inform you about your eligibility for HSE Top Applicant Scholarship after the Admissions Commission considers your overall score. You do not need to apply for this scholarship separately.

HSE Top Student Scholarship

This merit-based scholarship provides annual prolongation of HSE Top Applicant Scholarship and is awarded by the end of each academic year for maintaining top academic performance.


  1. you should be awarded with the HSE Top Applicant Scholarship
  2. you should show top academic performance during the year, which means having no disciplinary fines, no more than two grades below 6 of 10, no grades below 4 of 10, presence at the evaluation tests.

How to apply?

HSE Top Student Scholarship is awarded automatically at the end of the academic year, subject to your academic performance.  You do not need to apply for this scholarship separately.