Alexander Khodachek, President of HSE University-St Petersburg, participated in the discussion of the city's technological capabilities in terms of building relations between Russia and China. The experts are sure that the future of various fields is in the hands of young professionals who know the Chinese language and culture.
October 24
The journal Creativity and Innovation Management has published an article on how collaborations between art institutions, artists and commercial brands influence the consumer experience. The co-authors of the article—Alexandra Berezina, Evgeniya Druzhinina (graduates of the Master's programme 'Arts and Culture Management' at HSE University-St Petersburg), and Elena Zelenskaya (Associate Professor of the Department of Management)—share their impressions of working on the paper.
October 18
Anastasia Markova is a fourth-year student of the Bachelor's programme 'Design'. During her studies, she has conducted several visual research projects, one of which took third place in the Student Research Paper Competition. Anastasia told the HSE News Service about her decision to participate and finding sources and illustrations for her research.
October 10

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