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Mandatory migration procedures for international students

Each foreign student arriving to Russia for stay over 90 days must undergo obligatory medical examination, fingerprinting, and biometric photographing. These procedures must be done within 90 days from the date of arrival in Russia. It is necessary to start performing them right after you receive a temporary registration after arrival in Russia. More info about the procedures might be found in the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs website.

Who is exempt from undergoing the new procedures?

  • Citizens of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Family members of international officials and employees of diplomatic and consular institutions in Russia;
  • Foreign nationals with dual citizenship, one of which is Russian;
  • Foreign nationals – holders of temporary or permanent Russian residence permits.

What if I don’t do these procedures?

  • Your period of stay in Russia will be shortened, and you will be forced to leave the country within 3 days;
  • If it happens more than once, you may be denied entry for several years.

What do the procedures consist of?

1. Medical examination includes: chemical-toxicological tests (urine), blood-work for infectious diseases (syphilis, HIV), chest X-ray/CT scan, check-up with a tuberculosis specialist, infectionist, dermatovenerologist.

Important: If you’re prescribed certain medicine that you take on a regular basis, please specify with the staff in advance whether it is compatible with the testing included in the state medical examination.

2. Fingerprinting and photographing: Your biometrics are taken in order to issue an international visitor’s ID – a crucial document that you must carry with you at all times after you receive it.

How do I sign up for these procedures?

  • 1. Visit United Centre for Documents

    In the United Centre for Documents the price of medical examination* is ₽5700 + ₽500 for the photo + ₽800 for the dactyloscopy.

    For your first visit, bring the documents confirming your legal stay in Russia:

    • Your passport (translation can be done in the Centre)
    • Migration card + copy
    • Visa + copy
    • registration + copy
      The exact list of documents and costs will be provided by the United Document Centre and may vary slightly.
      *You can also undergo the medical examination part at any of the approved organisations from this list. Contact the clinic of choice to find out about the working hours, required documents, and pricing.
  • 2. Scan the documents and email to the university

    After you have completed the procedures, send scans of medical certificates and dactyloscopy ID card to migrationspb@hse.ru and CC isso@hse.ru.


  • Don't procrastinate! Do these procedures the sooner, the better, while your passport hasn't been taken for visa prolongation.
  • Bring a buddy or ask your Russian-speaking friend to help you communicate with the staff. Learn about buddies and request one here.
  • Fingerprinting and photographing must be done just once, but the medical procedures are annual. Check your certificates and undergo the procedures again within 30 days after the medical certificate's expiration date. Send scanned copies of updated medical certificates to migrationspb@hse.ru.
  • Additionally, provide the information about your updated medical certificates to the Head Migration Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region at the address: 10/12 Krasnogo Tekstilshchika st.


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