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Inviting department: Visa Invitations

Who needs a visa invitation?

When to apply for a visa invitation?

How long does it take to issue an invitation?

How much does it cost to issue an invitation?

General points:

  1. Issuance of a visa invitation, visa extension and other visa and migration public services are carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Russian Federation.
  2. Control over the compliance with the purpose of the visit has been tightened — please advise the invited foreign citizens to make sure that the stated purpose of the visit to Russia goes along with the actual activity in the country.
  3. Visits of foreign citizens to the campus must be performed in accordance with the Regulations on receiving foreign citizens, officials, and delegations. More details here.
  4. Centre for Visa and Migration Support will not be held responsible in case if the applicant has paid the invitation/visa fee using an incorrect payment slip; if money was not refunded because the terms for submitting documents for a visa extension and/or other purposes were violated, if the organization accepting the documents has made changes and if the payments details were changed, or if the Ministry of Internal Affairs has declined to provide a given service.

Application for a visa invitation step by step

STEP 1. Determine the purpose of the visit

Types of Russian visas and invitations

STEP 2. Collect the data from the international visitor

The following information is needed:

STEP 3. Prepare additional documents for issuing an invitation

The list of documents depends on requested visa type

STEP 4. Submit documents to the visa and migration support office

Where and how to apply

STEP 5. Receive a visa invitation

Sent by e-mail


All foreign citizens arriving at the HSE St. Petersburg for a period of more than 7 working days are subject to registration at the place of actual stay. After arrival, it is necessary to contact the owner of the apartment or the administration of the hotel to obtain temporary registration.

If you have any questions left, contact visasupportspb@hse.ru


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