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International Student Union Buddies

ISU Buddies: Who are they?

ISU HSE St. Petersburg is a student organisation that unites volunteers among current HSE students who help international students dealing with a wide range of issues.  Our mission is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for international students studying at HSE University St. Petersburg. We understand the challenges that come with studying in a foreign country and aim to provide support in various aspects of student life. Whether it's navigating the local culture or simply adjusting to a new academic environment, our volunteers are dedicated to helping international students feel at home.
Buddies can:
  • Meet international students at the airport or train station, accompany them to dormitories and help to check in.
  • Show them around the academic buildings and student dormitory, point out nearby banks, post offices, grocery stores, shopping centres, entertainment and recreation facilities.
  • Assist them with finding classrooms, offices, libraries, self-study rooms and other places the student may require in university buildings.
  • Recommend them cultural events and entertainment options (e.g. cinemas, theatres, museums, festivals, celebrations).

  • Organise events and activities to help newcomers find friends in a new environment.

  • Help to dive in and explore Russian culture.

  • Help them deal with administrative tasks (e.g. trips to the post office and various official establishments) or emergencies (e.g. to the hospital).

  • Support international students in their student life at HSE (offline and online).

Buddies do not:
  • Meet you during night hours (from 9 PM till 9 AM).
  • Become your full-time personal assistant.
  • Help you with migration and academic issues. These are to be addressed exclusively to international office or the study office of your department.

Remember that:

Sexual, physical or verbal violence at our university is unacceptable under any circumstances. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include:

a) Warning;
b) Reprimand;
c) Expulsion from the university.

Please keep in mind:

  • Leave a request at least several days in advance and take holidays and weekends into account.
  • All buddies are volunteers. Respect their time and personal space!
  • All baddies are human, they can make mistakes and are not omnipotent.
  • If you have any questions about Buddy's work, please contact ISU via VK.
  • If you have any questions that require the participation of the HSE University administration, please contact International Student & Alumni Centre.

Request a Buddy


Varvara Tkacheva


Ekaterina Pastukhova


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