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The first in Russia to train sociologists of the new digital generation, this programme prepares specialists with the skills they need for gathering and processing data using the most up-to-date technology and methodology. The programme includes not only general and specific sociological and humanities topics, but also mathematics and computer science, giving students the opportunity to become proficient in programming and information systems.

Courses in the humanities, social sciences, and other areas help students to develop skills in critical thinking and sociological research methodology. Graduates go on to work at consulting and marketing companies, internet advertising agencies, and digital start-ups, as well as in the online gaming industry and digital media.


4 years
Full-time Programme
260 000 RUB/year
Tuition Fee in 2018
Instruction in English


"Higher School of Equality" has been opened in HSE University – St. Petersburg

On February 9, HSE University – St. Petersburg opened its doors to students of the "Higher School of Equality", an organization originally established on the Moscow campus. Ekaterina Guzieva, member of the "Free Edition", who attended opening ceremony, explains what "Higher School of Equality" will do in St. Petersburg and why it should be attended by everyone who wants to engage in the scientific issues of gender equality and equity.

Arina Revyakina – the story of success: The way of student from “Sociology” Program to the leadership in the biggest organization of HSE SPB

It is known that students-sociologists not for the first time show themselves as leaders of the organizations of HSE. We talked to the third-year student Arina Revyakina and found out what she had done on the way to such a high position of the head of SDS.

Young US Researcher about Migrant Children in St. Petersburg Schools

Marica Sharashenidze is a young researcher from the USA. She was an associate at HSE Laboratory of Sociology in Education and Science in 2016/2017 academic year.  In the spring of 2016, she graduated from Rice University in Houston (Texas) with a bachelor's degree. While still a student of the last year, she wrote to professor Alexandrov, Director of Laboratory of Sociology in Education and Science, that she would like to come and do her research project in the Laboratory. From September 2016 to July 2017 Marika lived in St. Petersburg and studied migrant children in St. Petersburg schools. We talked to Marika about her research and how she spent this year in Russia.

Do not be shy to loudly announce your hobbies or how a student from Sociology and social informatics program opened a cyber club at the Higher School of Economics

Cybersport is a developing sport in Russia. We talked with one of the creators of HSE SPb Cyber Club-sociology student Ilya Gorets and learned how he embodied dreams into reality and how he sees the future of the club.

Interview with participants of academic mobility: “The most important thing is not to be afraid. The difficulties will be solved and forgotten but the impressions of the trip will remain.”

Several students from EP "Sociology" went on exchange program to Moscow campus. This program allows students to live and study in Moscow. Third year students Leontieva Diana and Lyubenova Arina shared their impressions of the trip. 

Interview with the creators of special Sedova stickers

In one of the previous news we told you about the annual New Year’s charity fair which was held on December 14 on Sedova Street [https://spb.hse.ru/ba/soc/news/213267940.html], where Sedova stickers were the most popular and sold commodity. We talked with their creators - 1st course students from the educational program "Sociology and Social Informatics" Daria Maltseva and Anna Vasekhina - and learned how it all began and how they see the future of their idea.

New Year Charity Fair

New Year is the time of miracles and magic. Everyone is immersed in this pleasant New Year's Eve buying gifts for the loved ones, beautifully decorating houses, thinking about celebration in details. But the most important thing in this hurry is not to forget that there are some people who need our help and support, and to create, though a small, but a real miracle for them.

The life of first-year sociology students. The first 3 months

December. The first three months of studying of the first-year students of Sociology and Social Informatics Program at Higher School of Economics are almost over. How is their student life? How did they join the friendly community of the campus at Sedova Street 55? What events happened to them during this time? Second-year students Polina Petrova and Julia Morozova share with us their reflections.

Know our People Contest

On November 18th, 2017 a significant event took place: first-year students of seven educational programs have gathered together for the annual event "Know Our People", organized for the purpose of acquaintance of students of different directions with each other. For participation in this contest each program has prepared 3 tasks: an unusual collective picture, a music clip, and a small scene. The motto of the event was the phrase “Everyone needs friends!”

Why should I trust You? LIME method for machine learning tasks

On the seminar of our Research Group on November 16, Olga Silyutina told about the ways of applying the LIME method. The classical tasks of machine learning were used as examples: regression and classification, including the demonstration in both R and Python.