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Bachelor’s Programme 'Sociology and Social Informatics'

The first in Russia to train sociologists of the new digital generation, this programme prepares specialists with the skills they need for gathering and processing data using the most up-to-date technology and methodology. The programme includes not only general and specific sociological and humanities topics, but also mathematics and computer science, giving students the opportunity to become proficient in programming and information systems.

Courses in the humanities, social sciences, and other areas help students to develop skills in critical thinking and sociological research methodology. Graduates go on to work at consulting and marketing companies, internet advertising agencies, and digital start-ups, as well as in the online gaming industry and digital media.


4 years
Full-time Programme
260 000 RUB/year
Tuition Fee in 2018
Russian government and HSE scholarships and tuition fee waivers available
Instruction in English



They are the first with whom first-year students are getting acquainted. They know everything about studying process, professors and dormitories. They will give you some lifehacks, tell you where it's delicious to eat in St. Petersburg and where to walk after the studies. They will help with homework and with any life problems. They are the curators of the educational program "Sociology and Social Informatics". Here we will tell you everything about the guys who took this responsible mission.

Illustration for news: HSE University in Rankings: New Heights

HSE University in Rankings: New Heights

In June 2018, HSE University celebrated the improvement in several international and national ratings. The improvements resulted from continuing implementation of HSE Development Program that aimed to establish HSE as a leading world-class scientific and educational, analytical and consulting centre.

Miss and Mister NRU HSE SPB 2018

On the 19th of April, in Colosseum Concert Hall, located in the city center of Saint-Petersburg, annual event “Miss and Mister NRU HSE SPB” was held. Our educational program "Sociology and Social Informatics" was presented by Alena Korytova and Andrei Lomatsky, who earlier became winners of the internal faculty competition. Here we will tell you about the show and the place that sociologists took.

Coworking space

Not so long ago after the reconstruction of the former room 119, a new, creative coworking zone was opened in Sedova corps. What is special about this place and what amazed students - read in our news.

Anastasia Kuznetsova – the finalist of the competition of student works

Russian Public Opinion Research Center (RPORC) reported the results of the 10th annual competition of student works for 2017-2018 study year. This year's competition was devoted to the topic "SOCIOLOGY IN DIGITAL AND DIGITAL IN SOCIOLOGY".

Russian Hackers opened their doors in Saint Petersburg

Student’s organization called Russian Hackers opened the branch in St. Petersburg. 3rd year students of Sociology Anya Bataeva and Olya Silyutina became representatives of the Russian Hackers in St. Petersburg. In early March, they held the first presentation, where they talked about what the organization is doing; they also destroyed the myth of the complexity of participation in the Hackathon and shared their experience.

Why Sociology and Social Informatics?

The upgraded program "Sociology and Social Informatics" has been enrolling students from different cities of Russia and other countries for two years. Every year it is becoming more and more popular. We decided to ask students from the 1st and the 2nd courses what exactly influenced their choice of this program. Let’s have a look at some of their answers!

Mister and Miss Sociology 2018

On February 24th, the annual competition "Mister and Miss Sociology" was held at the NRU HSE on Griboyedov Canal, which took place in the format of the show "Vecherniy Sociologist". 5 pairs of students from the first course competed among themselves for the right to represent our educational program at the interfaculty level. Here we will tell you how the contest was held, and who won the title "Mister and Miss Sociology 2018".

"Higher School of Equality" Has Opened at HSE University – St. Petersburg

On February 9, HSE University – St. Petersburg opened its doors to students of the Higher School of Equality, an organization originally established on the Moscow campus. Ekaterina Guzieva, member of the Free Edition, who attended opening ceremony, explains what Higher School of Equality will do in St. Petersburg and why it should be attended by everyone who wants to engage in the scientific issues of gender equality and equity.

Arina Revyakina – the story of success: The way of student from “Sociology” Program to the leadership in the biggest organization of HSE SPB

It is known that students-sociologists not for the first time show themselves as leaders of the organizations of HSE. We talked to the third-year student Arina Revyakina and found out what she had done on the way to such a high position of the head of SDS.