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Undergraduate Studies at HSE - St. Petersburg

Undergraduate opportunities at HSE - St. Petersburg

  • HSE St. Petersburg currently offers 10 undergraduate programmes in six fields of study leading to a state-accredited Bachelor’s degree
  • 7 undergraduate programmes at HSE - St. Petersburg are delivered mostly in Russian and therefore require high Russian language proficiency; please note that all Russian-taught programmes also embed up to 50% courses in English 
  • 3 international undergraduate programmes at HSE - St. Petersburg are delivered 100% in English to meet the demands of international applicants without any knowledge of Russian language (a preparatory year is NOT required to enroll to these programmes):

Bachelor in International Business and Management  
Apply online now!   Download programme leaflet  


Bachelor in Political Science and World Politics 
Apply online now!   Download programme leaflet

Bachelor in Sociology and Social Informatics 

Apply online now!    Download programme leaflet  

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

  • 4 years, full-time studies
  • 240 ECTS credits
  • Final examination (except the Bachelor’s in Economics and Bachelor’s in Public Policy and Analytics programmes)
  • Thesis paper (all programmes; can be completed in Russian or English)

Undergraduate Admissions – General Requirements

  • On-line application submitted before the deadline for 2017 intake: August 10, 2017
  • High school certificate or equivalent recognized by the Russian Federation and duly legalized, if applicable (if you do not yet have your high school certificate at the time of application, you can submit an official high school transcript pf records for last 3 years)
  • Interview with programme's selection committee (on-line or in person)
  • Successfull passing of 2 programme-specific entrance examinations
  • Completing required enrollment procedures (arriving to St. Petersburg, signing study contract and paying the first tuition fee installment) by August, 30 at latest 

Undergaduate Application Procedure and Deadlines

HSE currently provides one intake per academic year with the start of classes on September 1. 

The application period for 2017 intake is open from November 1, 2016 till August 10, 2017 (deadline)

The application period is devided into 3 rounds as below:

 1 round (closed)2 round OPEN!3 round
applications submission period01.11.2016 - 01.02.201701.02-01.05.201701.05-10.08.2017
interview period till 10.02.2017till 12.05.2017 
HSE Gold Scholarship (quota) award decisiontill 20.02.2017till 20.05.2017no HSE Gold Scholarships are awarded in this round

NB! After the first application round some programmes have awarded all HSE Gold Scholarships allocated for the 2017 intake. Only applications to self-funded (tuition fee) places will be considered during the 2 and 3 application rounds to following programmes:

Bachelor's degree programmes in Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementAsian and African StudiesPhilology and History
Master’s degree programmes in FinanceStrategic Management in LogisticsMarketing TechnologiesState, Society and Economic Development in Modern Asia

Applications are considered on the Rolling Admission principle - e.g. the sooner you submit your application the better chances you have to receive an enrollment offer and a scholarship offer! 

Applications to our undergraduate programmes are made on-line through the Applicant's Personal Account (APA) at HSE website. Successfull applicants have to provide an admission package in hard copy via post on later steps of application & admissions process. 

Please follow next steps to apply for our undergraduate programmes: 

Step 1: Choose your programme 

Check out the catalogue of our undergraduate programmes, choose up to 3 programmes, learn about tuition fees and scholarship availability, visit programme's website to learn more about the programme and programme-specific admission requirements.  

Step 2: Create your Applicant's Personal Account (APA)

  • visit the Applicant's Personal Account webpage
  • should the page appear in Russian language, please switch to English version by clicking the Union Jack icon in the upper right corner of the page
NB! Please select your preferred language of APA before registration and submitting your application - it is not possible to change APA language after registration
  • click "Get login and password" link, fill out simple registration form (select "Bachelor's degree programme" in the "type of programme" field) and click "Submit application" button
NB! It is crucial to provide a working and accessible email address and contact phone number in this application - otherwise we may be unable to contact you regarding further application steps. 
  • within 5-7 working days after registration you will receive your APA login and password to your email 

Step 3: Prepare and submit your application from APA

  • login to APA using your credentials; you will directly access the application form  
  • carefully fill out the application form, choose up to 3 undergraduate programmes that you want to apply for in the "Field of study" box. To select a programme, click on the box so that it turns green and the list collapses. 
Please note! Due to a technical issue at the time, if you want to apply for our international English-taught undergraduate programmes "Management", "Political Science and World Politics", "Sociolog and Social Informatics", please choose the language of instruction "Russian" - these programmes will appear in this list. 
    • please indicate if you want to apply and compete for HSE Gold Scholarship (100% tuition fee waiver) by ticking the "Tuition-free (quota)" box; if this box is not tickable, it means that the programme you choose does not provide scholarships and only tuition fee-based study is available
NB! Please note that application for HSE Gold Scholarship is only possible if you apply to our undergraduate programmes before May 1, 2017. Please refer to Scholarships section to learn more about HSE Gold Scholarship
  • carefully prepare in advance and attach all required documents to your application form:
  1. Copy of the first page of your travelling passport
  2. Copy of your high school certificate or equivalent; if you have not yet received your high school certificate, please attach a recent transcript of grades and marks for last 3 2-3 years; please note: these documents are required to be in English or in Russian or with attached translation into English or Russian language 
  3. Motivation letter up to one A4 page 12 pt (in English - for international programmes; in Russian - for other programmes), attach a photo to the Motivation letter
  4. Additional application documents (if available): International Language Certificates (TOEFL, IETLS, CAE), Russian as a foreign language certificate (TRKI), international competitions, olympiads etc. diplomas, other academic achievements certificates. It is strongly recommended to attach only the most recent certificates, not more than 3-4 in total.
Please make sure all files are in Adobe PDF format and do not exceed 10 Mb in size each.
  • when your application is completed and all files are attached, click "Submit application" - you will see the following message: “Congratulations! Your application has been successfully submitted and is currently pending review”

Important! Please fill out this application form properly and carefully and attach all required documents instantly - once sumbitted, no changes can be made to your application; duplicate applications are not allowed.  

Step 4: Interview

  • you application will be forwarded to first priority programme's selection committee for review. Subject to preliminary evaluation, the selection committee may pre-approve your application and invite you for an on-line interview or reject your application and forward it to second priority programme's selection committee; should the second priority programme reject your application too, you will receive an email notification
  • pre-approved applicants receive an appointment for interview via email; normally the interview should take place within 2 weeks after your application. The interview may take place on-line or in applicant's home country or in St. Petersburg; please discuss with the selection committee what option will work best for you 
NB! Check your email regularly to avoid missing the interview appointment. International Admissions will not reply to any inquiries regarding the results and/or terms of application pre-review - please patiently wait for either notification.
  • after you receive an on-line interview appointemnt, please kindly confirm it and email us your Skype ID or other appropriate communication method
  • do not miss the appointment; should there be a solid reason for missing the date and time, please let the programme's selection committee know it in as advance as possible by sending an email to iadmission-spb@hse.ru
  • if you decide to have an in-person interview in your home country or in St. Petersburg, please check the schedule of in-person interview witht the International Admissions and book your timeslot carefully
  • keep in mind that the interview is most crucial step of your application - keep calm and prepare to present yourself well! We strongly recommend to study the Interview Programme and Scoring Guidelines

 UG interview guidelines 2017 (PDF, 389 Kb)

  • please make sure you have your ID (passport) that you stated in your application with you at the interview - the commission will first make authentification procedure! 
  • it may take up to 2-3 weeks to evaluate the results of the interview; you will receive an email notification with programme's selection committee decision and guidelines on further steps guidelines 

Step 5: Conditional Acceptance and Entrance Examinations / Scholarship Offer

Subject to the interview results, the programme's selection committee may:
  • approve your application and put you to the HSE Gold Scholarship candidates short-list
  1. please note that the decision on the HSE Gold Scholarship nomination is taken at the end of each application round as stated above basing on the nominees score ranking; should you not be awarded with the HSE Gold Scholarship at the end of the application round, you still have a chance to receive a study place offer by passing the entrance examinations. While waiting for the HSE Gold Scholarship nominations at the end of application round, we advise you to proceed with preparing the documents for self-funded admissions - for the case if you do not receive the scholarship award. 
  2. HSE Gold Scholarship nominations are subject to approval by the HSE Quota Commission. Final decision is made by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. 
  • conditionally approve your application for a self-funded (tuition fee) studies
  1. in this case you will receive a Conditional Letter of Acceptance, a Study Contract Offer and guidelines for further steps
  2. you will have a limited timeframe to accept this offer; 
  3. if accepted, please be prepared to sign the Study Contract, send it along with the rest of enrollment package in hard copy to International Admissions via express courier service and pay the first tuition fee installment as stipulated in the guidelines above;
  4. conditionally accepted applicants have to sucessfully pass 2 entrance exams or provide the results of the Russian Common State Examination (EGE) with minimal required score to be admitted to studies
  5. in case of successfull passing of entrance exams you will have to submit the Enrollement Package in hard copy to Internaitonal Admissions and arrive to HSE St. Petersburg to complete your enrollment - as stated in the guidelines above
  • reject your application 
if the first priority programme rejects your application, it will be automatically forwarded to the second and third priority programmes for review; 
if the second and third priority programmes reject your application as well, unfortunately, we are unable to admit you to our undergraduate studies this year. 

Please feel free to apply for our programmes next year!  

HSE Gold Scholarship nomination at the end of application round

At the end of application rounds 1 and 2, the scholarship nominees ranking is considered and top ranked applicants from the short-list are nominated for HSE Gold Scholarships. Should you receive the HSE Gold Scholarship nomination:
    1. you will receive a notification on your nomination and the guidelines for further steps
    2. you will have a very limited timeframe to accept this offer
    3. if accepted, please be prepared to send a specific set of documents in hard copy to HSE and strictly follow the guidelines as above

    Accommodation and Facilities


    ·         First-year courses are mostly taught in Russian

    ·         Second-, third- and fourth-year courses are taught in English

    ·         Final examinations and thesis papers can be completed in either English or Russian

    We are making significant efforts to add double-degree opportunities to these flagship programmes.