New Year and Christmas in Russia 2023

How to spend a week of holidays in Moscow. A guide by Anastasiia Shepeleva.

A Trip to Yekaterinburg

Do you want to discover Russia? Do you want to travel to some not so popular places? Barbara Biglieri has the perfect place for you!

Living Cost in Saint Petersburg

In the video Hai Ngoc, a 2nd-year master’s student at HSE shows the audience how much she spends in a week living in Saint Petersburg.

Women's Football: a Dream and Stereotypes

Maria Nedosekova on how she wanted to become a football player and challenged gender stereotypes.

Cold Way of Integration

Esther Ajuzie on the shocks and joys of her first day in Russia.

Outstanding Activities of HSE Vietnamese Students

Thao Pham shares memories of the HSE Vietnamese student unit activities in 2022.

Pat Mameesuk, a Master student at HSE, talks about his life, study, travels and expressions in Russia.
January 27
Nastya and Sasha discuss art production and distribution through the lenses of sociological theories and chat with the artist and other cultural agents.
January 26
Trang Ly, a student from Vietnam, shares her thoughts about Russia and study at HSE.
January 26
Studying abroad is really a long-term challenge for young people, and not all students are suitable for this difficult route. A guide by Thao Pham.
January 25
Being an international student is quite difficult, especially when it is the first experience of living somewhere away from hometown.
January 25
Here is the list of spots for snowboarding and skiing in Moscow and the Moscow region.
January 24
This winter, free lessons taught by professional trainers will help you to choose the right track and learn how to ski confidently.
January 24
A travel video by Hsu Chu Ling.
January 23
Thao Pham shares her thoughts and feelings about the Lunar New Year far away from Vietnam.
January 22

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