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Regular version of the site

Working Holidays: Exploring The World On A Budget

Learn about unique methods for traveling abroad that do not break the bank.

Study Abroad: Tips & Tricks From A “Veteran”

Recommendations to keep in mind while applying to study abroad by Mustafa Serdar Karakaya.

Road Trip As An American Phenomenon

Road trip is an exceptional feature of America. Let’s talk about its unique sights and existing difficulties.

Beating The Lockdown Blues: Things To Enjoy At Home

Recommendations to keep yourself entertained during these unusual times.

Literature Review… As A Network?

VOSviewer – a software you absolutely have to download to write a brilliant research paper as advised by Nadezhda Bykova.

A Specialist, Plant, Shaper… What’s Your Team Role?

Nadezhda Bykova talks about Belbin Team Inventory and its application to group projects.

All About Studlife

Serafima Gerasimchuk will tell you everything you want to know about HSE Studlife organization.

Exchange to Master’s: My Story at HSE

Mustafa Serdar Karakaya invites you to learn about his academic journey and his study at HSE St. Petersburg.

“I am Twenty” by Marlen Khutsiev. The Manifest of the Great Generation

In memory of legendary Soviet and Russian filmaker.

Istanbul: To Go Or Not to Go?

Learn more about Istanbul from a local before applying for an exchange program.

Balancing Between Studying At HSE And Running Your Own Home Bakery

Anna Filchakova interviews an HSE student and a small business owner.

Museums Online

The end of quarantine is coming, but some habits developed during this period will stay with us. It is visiting interesting places online.

Have you ever wondered how Russian characters are depicted in anime (Japanese animation)? Vu Van Ly would like to introduce to you an anime called “Yuri!!! on Ice”, which has the most Russian characters she has ever seen so far.
February 24
This article will be useful for students living in a dormitory, as well as for those who do not like or know how to cook preferring fast and easy food.
February 19
Luiza Gashimova explains how to convince yourself to ask for help and what kind of help HSE Psychological Counseling Center provide.
February 18
Mikhail Kondratev and Ksenia Rastorgueva talk about the benefit of their experience and knowledge.
February 16
Maryana Selezneva will introduce readers to a Vietnamese drink and street food cafe.
February 15
Hassan Jawad talks about the importance of meditation in times of crisis and isolation.
February 12
Recommendations to keep in mind while applying to study abroad by Mustafa Serdar Karakaya.
February 11
Maryana Selezneva invites you to start making jewelry and explains how to begin doing it.
February 10
Best drink recipes that can make you feel comfortable and warm in winter by Nga Pham.
February 09
Yasmina Kouweik shares some tips on how to elevate your happiness in a time of despair.
February 09
Let us talk on how to integrate into university life.
February 08
Ekaterina Shevyakova shares her inspiring story about how she got accepted to three American universities at once.
February 08
Tien Huinh interviews Arda Kukul, a MA student of HSE St. Petersburg.
February 05

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Student life: events, meetings and clubs in HSE
Personal stories and interviews with students, graduates, professors and interesting people of the city
Solutions and advices by students of HSE
Events, exhibitions, concerts, best places to have fun, rest or study out of home/uni, etc. in Moscow
Events, exhibitions, concerts, best places to have fun, rest or study out of home/uni, etc. in St.Petersburg


Ekaterina Ershova

PhD in Linguistics, Coordinator of "Sociology and Social Informatics" Programme

Arkadii Naboka

PhD in Political Science, Deputy Dean of St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Area Studies

Svetlana Lyubavina

Manager of Department of Sociology


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