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Dear HSE St. Petersburg Students!

A Study Abroad semester is an excellent step towards achieving your professional goals by providing an intercultural learning experience. It is a launching pad for new opportunities. It is the perfect way to open up the world for yourself and to become a more confident young professional and independent-thinker.

Our job is to help you make the most of the international exchange opportunities which the Higher School of Economics can offer. If you are interested in an exchange semester, please explore HSE St. Petersburg partner universities here.

You are welcome to explore HSE Moscow partner universities as well (you will need to apply through HSE Moscow, but we are here to help you!). You can also look through the HSE Partners listed on the websites of the other HSE campuses.  For more information on international partners of Higher School of Economics please click here.

NB: Timing is everything!
  Do plenty of research, talk to us, and apply as early as possible. The deadlines for applying through HSE campuses and the deadlines at foreign universities can vary!

 Study Abroad Guidelines (PDF, 232 Kb)



— Exchange Semester studies mean that tuition and other fees at the foreign partner university of HSE are waived. However, you will still be responsible for your accommodation and travel costs, books, insurance, visa etc.

HSE St. Petersburg actively seeks opportunities to financially support the international mobility of the best students, so in future we will have such scholarships. We are happy to help everyone by giving advice on any existing financial aid, scholarships, grants by funds, foreign universities and other organizations.

— Free-movers can  decide to go to any university (including Harvard:)) which is not yet a partner of HSE. However, in this case tuition fees, as well as all the other costs, will be the responsibility of the student. We will be happy to advise you on this option.  

It is important to get advice from your Faculty/Department about the fit between your Individual Learning Plan and the academic content of the foreign studies at the foreign university you are considering. Please discuss these matters with us at the Center for International Education, HSE St. Petersburg.


To be eligible for an Exchange Semester the applicants should demonstrate: 
  1. An outstanding academic record;
  2. Strong knowledge of English (may be tested);
  3. Evidence of willingness to learn interculturally and to study at the selected university (universities). This may include participation in HSE English-language courses offered by HSE faculties, other seminars in English (or other foreign language), experience as a "buddy" in the HSE Buddies' Network for international students' support, any other international experience and learning within HSE or independently, knowledge about selected universities and available academic learning.
  4. Adherence to high ethic standards (incl. those linked to plagiarism, fraud in assignments etc.) and commitment to support the reputation of their alma mater.


All documents apart from the Formal Statement must be in English.

— CV / Resume in Europass format or according to international professional standards in Resume writing;

— Motivation Letter (min 400 words) clearly stating the purpose, further goals and expected professonal value to be gained from the planned studies (e.g. why you want to go to this particular university, how you see your future professional life and how the Study Abroad experience at this university will help you get closer to your dream/goal, what type of academic experience you seek to develop at the selected university, what you have done in your life to develop your intercultural knowledge and to get closer to your professional goal).  Make sure you are professional and accurate in your writing (check for errors, write clearly and concisely). If you have not determined your professional goal, let us know of your "Plan A" and "Plan B" for your future.

— Transcript of Academic Records confirmed by your Study Office with your GPA (graduate point average) calculated (you can do it by yourself - sum up all grades and divide by the number of disciplines);

— Proof of English language proficiency (signed by an HSE teacher of English) or an international Language Certificate;

— Formal Statement ("Zayavleniye") about your strong interest in the Study Abroad semester;

Individual learning plan composed together with the study office manager and approved by the academic director of your study programme.

Please submit your electronic application to internationaloffice@hse.ru and bring your paper application to the International Office.

If you have any questions, please consult our FAQ on Study Abroad


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