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Quick Recap of Double Degree Programmes at HSE – St. Petersburg

Double degree tracks have been created as a result of a partnership between HSE – St. Petersburg and other programmes offered by well-known foreign universities. Participants are given the opportunity to study abroad for a year at a partner university. Upon successful defence of a thesis in front of a joint commission, students receive fully fledged diplomas from two universities.

Quick Recap of Double Degree Programmes at HSE – St. Petersburg


It is possible to apply for participation in Dual Degree Programmes through a special nomination form. In 2022, the submission process will begin on January 31 and will last until March 4. The form also contains a list of required documents and links to partner universities. The selection of candidates is made by an academic council of the respective programme based on the students' academic performance, motivation and other criteria.

Double degree tracks are present on two bachelor's and 10 master's programmes at HSE – St. Petersburg. A list of participating programmes is given below.

Bachelor's degree

'International Bachelor's in Business and Economics':

—  University of Tor Vergata, Italy.

—  Pompeu Fabra University, Spain.

'Political Science and World Politics':

—  Tor Vergata University, Italy.

Master's degree

'Business and Politics in Modern Asia':

— Ca' Foscari University, Italy.

'Global and Regional History':

— University of Turin, Italy.

— University of Göttingen, Germany.

'Arts and Culture Management':

— Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy.

'Management and Analytics for Business':

— Pompeu Fabra University, Spain.

'Comparative Politics of Eurasia':

— University of Trento, Italy.

'Data Analytics for Politics and Society': 

— University of Milan, Italy.

'Russian Literature in Cross-cultural and Intermedial Perspective':

—The Free University of Berlin.

— Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

'Modern Social Analysis': 

—University of Trento, Italy.


— ESSCA School of Management, France.

— Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy.

— Vaasa University, Finland.

'Applied Economics and Mathematical Methods':

— Guido Carli Free International University of Social Studies (LUISS), Italy.

Viktor Krakovich, Deputy Dean for Educational Programme Development and Student Affairs

Victor Krakovich

All students of the 'International Bachelor's in Business and Economics' programme have the opportunity to study abroad. This way, having completed four years of studies, they receive two fully fledged diplomas: one from the HSE and the second from a foreign partner university. Currently, we have agreements with two leading European universities: Tor Vergata University of Rome and Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.

Also, thanks to the revamped structure of the programme, we expect the number of partner universities to increase in the near future. There is no denying that a diploma from a leading foreign university significantly expands employment opportunities for graduates both in our country and abroad. In addition, studying in a foreign country grants a unique chance to meet a lot of people from all over the world and experience living in another country.

Lyudmila Veselova, Academic Supervisor of the Business and Politics in Modern Asia Programme

Liudmila S. Veselova

The advantage of the Double Degree Programme is not only that our students receive an additional official document, but also that it already includes the opportunity to study for one academic year abroad – so there is no need to bother about a credit transfer. In addition, an international diploma makes it easier to enter a doctoral programme abroad. It also provides benefits when applying for a job.

The Double Degree Programme helps students expand their horizons, explore a different education system and gain new knowledge. Students are immersed in a completely different environment and culture, they learn a lot of new things, communicate with foreign colleagues and practice languages. 

Apart from that, the double degree tracks help us build up new partnerships and expand the network of academic contacts. This year, for the first time in our master's programme we have carried out an exchange with foreign students: three HSE – St. Petersburg students went to Ca Foscari University and three Italian students came to Russia. We are really pleased to receive positive feedback from students from both universities who have chosen this unique set of disciplines.

Elena Rogova, Academic Supervisor of the Finance Programme

Elena Rogova

The double degree tracks allow our graduates to be awarded the HSE and a foreign partner degree simultaneously. Our master's programmes are carefully selected by partner universities. Being highly recognised at an international level, diplomas received from our foreign partners significantly increase the graduates’ chances to find employment in large international companies.

That said, there are three double degree tracks available within the 'Finance' programme. The tracks are realised in partnership with the following universities: a French ‘triple crowned’ business school ESSCA which is among the top European business schools in the Financial Times ranking; the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan – one of the three universities in Italy showing the highest employment rate among its graduates. The Double Degree track is also available with the Finnish Vaasa University which focuses on the field of finance, its master's programme is internationally recognised, as well as hold ACCA and CFA accreditations. 

First of all, the programme participants will be able to study new subjects and get to know the professors and students of the partner university. But no less important is that they get the opportunity to spend a year abroad, which will significantly expand their horizons. During this academic year, students acquire new knowledge and life skills. Living in Europe makes it easy to enjoy the beauty of travelling, learn another foreign language – French, Italian or even Finnish, or do an internship in a foreign company.

Nikolay Ssorin-Chaikov, Academic Supervisor of the Global and Regional History

Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov

The creation of the Double Degree Programme was an important breakthrough for our 'Global and Regional History' Master's Programme. It gives our students the opportunity not only to attend classes but also to receive a master's degree from world-class Western universities. At the same time, there is no competition involved – we grant all our students the opportunity to study in these foreign universities.

Graduates receive more opportunities for future doctoral work at foreign universities – including the doctoral programme in the Global History of Empires organised by HSE – St. Petersburg and the University of Turin. The programme gives competitive advantages when working in Russia – in museums, publishing houses, and other cultural institutions.

Master students immerse themselves in the Western academic system not just for a semester, but for a whole year, and thus have more time to develop new essential skills. Education in Turin and Göttingen allows students to fully explore the life of continental Europe and understand its cultural specifics from within.

Detailed information about Dual Degree Programmes and the application form is available on the HSE St. Petersburg website.