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Practical training

General information

Practical training is a form of educational activity during studies under a given degree programme, with learners completing certain types of tasks, related to their future professional activities and aimed at building, consolidating, and developing practical skills and competencies specific to the respective degree programme. The goals and objectives of practical training shall be attained through the implementation of PTEs. The implementation of practical training for HSE students is provided in the module of the study plan of the educational programme, that is titled "Internship".

The procedure for organizing and conducting PTEs of HSE students is regulated by Regulations on Practical Training of Students under Core Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Programmes at HSE University.

You can also read about the organization of internship at the HSE in the academic handbook at the link.

The conditions and features of the implementation of PTEs provided by the curriculum of the study plan of the educational programme "Management and Analytics for Business" students of 2022 intake are described in the Practical Training Programme: Internship programme intake 2022 

You can learn more about the preparation of Master's dissertation in the document "Guidelines for Master Dissertation" on the page "Final State Certification".

Year of study

Practical training elements (PTEs)

Credits and academic hours



Term paper

5 (190)

Modules 2-4

1, 2


3 (114)*

Module 4 of 1st year – Module 3 of 2nd year


Work Experience Internship / Science and Research Internship **

9 (342)

Module 3 


Thesis preparation

20/23** (760/874)

Module 2-4

*The mandatory project activity is 3 ECTS credits for students of the year of enrolment 2022.  

** Depending on the study track.

Work Experience Internship/Science and Research Internship

Internship type and period

Internship Supervisor and places of Internship, deadlines for choosing a place

Internship documents and evaluation

Term Paper

General rules and upload to LMS

Key dates