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Final Assessment

Final State Certification - 2021

Schedule for final state certification in the 2020-2021 academic year: from 31 May until 4 June 2021

Schedule of Final State Certification MiA 2021 

State Certification Board for the 2020-2021 academic year: 

State Examination Board MiA 2021 

Appeals Committee for the 2020-2021 academic year: 

Chairperson: Elizaveta Shushunova, Candidate of Sciences, Deputy Dean, St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management 
Maxim Storchevoy, Candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Management
Dmitrii Trubnikov, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Management
Andrei Ternikov, Lecturer, Department of Management

Secretary: Victoriia Bichkinova, Curriculum Coordinator, Curriculum Support Unit for Undergraduate Programmes in Management (vbichkinova@hse.ru)

Master's thesis defence will be held online (on MS Teams) 

Master's thesis: key dates


To approve a supervisor and title of Master's thesis


Opportunity to change a supervisor


Opportunity to change a title of Master's thesis 

MAY, 14

Uploading a Master's thesis to LMS (until 23:59)

JUNE, 1-4 


 Provisional topics for master's theses MMA_2020-2021 

Printed version of master's thesis is not required


Regualtions on Final State Certification

Procedure for Appealing the Results of State Final Certifications

Regulations for Term Papers and Theses Prepared by Students of the Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Level at the National Research University Higher School of Economics

Regulations on Checking Student Papers for Plagiarism and the Publication of Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Theses on the HSE Corporate Website 

Admission to the defence

Students who successfully complete all the courses and submit their master's thesis within the prescribed period are admitted to the defence. Persons not admitted to the defence of the thesis are expelled from HSE University. The defence is carried out by the State Certification Board, which is headed by a chairperson approved by HSE Academic Council. Topics and supervisors of master's theses are approved by the directive in the second year of study.

Guidelines for Master's thesis preparation 2021

 Guidelines for Master's Thesis MiM 2020 


The defence begins with a presentation by the student on the topic of the master’s thesis.  The length of the presentation should not be longer 20 minutes or 30 minutes for individual and group presentations respectively. All group members must be present at the defence. Students present the main content of their theses freely without reading a written text. Students are required to use multimedia tools – e.g., PowerPoint slides; graphs, tables or other material to illustrate relevant aspects of the thesis can be used. After the presentation, members of the State Examination Board ask the student questions that are directly related to the topic of the thesis or related to the field of research. When answering questions, the student has the right to use a printed copy of his/her thesis. The presence of thesis supervisor and (or) the reviewer at the defence is not mandatory. After the discussion, the student is given the final word. In concluding remarks, the student must respond to the comments of thesis supervisor and the reviewer, if any, after which the defence procedure is considered completed. 

Postponement of the defence 

If a student fails to appear for the defence for a valid reason, date of the defence will be postponed for Fall semester under student's request 

Postponement of the defence 

A student who does not pass the final state certification without a valid reason, including receiving unsatisfactory results at the final state certification, is expelled from HSE University and an academic certificate is issued. When a student is reinstated, the specified student is entitled to pass the final state certification again no earlier than one year and no later than two years after passing the final state certification for the first time. (Regulation on the final state certification, clause 5.1.)

Graduation with distinction ("red diploma")

Degree certificates with Distinction ("red diplomas") are awarded to students who have received an excellend grade for the master's thesis defence and have only good and excellent (no less than 75 % of the total) grades for all courses, internships, projects listed in the diploma supplement. In accordance with the Regulations for Interim and Ongoing Assessments at HSE University, the retake of a positive assessment (a 4 and higher) is not allowed.

If students have completed optional courses, they can remove these courses from their diploma supplements when approving the draft supplements via their personal account (ELK), "Completion of studies" service.

Post-graduation leave

Students who successfully completed the Final State Certification in June have the right to apply for a post-graduation leave until 12 August 2021, thereby extending their student status. Students submit applications via their personal account (ELK), "Completion of studies" service.

Final State Certification - 2020

Guidelines for Master's Thesis MiM 


Executive Secretary of Appeals Committee - Elena Leshchinskaia

Degree certificates with Distinction (degrees with honors) are awarded to students who have passed the state examination and defended the final qualifying work perfectly  and have only good and excellent (no less than 75 % of the total) marks for all examinations, which they passed while studying at the university.