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Finance, Corporations and Sustainability


July 31 - August 11

Registration is closed

Language: English


The course is aimed at obtaining comprehensive knowledge in the field of corporate finance and sustainable development of the company. 

Course Description

Students will analyse the best practices and directions for the formation of the company's financial strategy.

Get up-to-date and demanded knowledge in the field of corporate finance and the strategic nature of business processes and become a financial leader!

Why Choose This Course?

The course will cover current trends in corporate finance, risk management, and financial analysis.

Active teaching methods, the use of software and contemporary case studies make the course practical, rich and in demand for a future career.


  • Principles of corporate finance
  • Financial Analysis: Advanced
  • Company value management
  • Mergers and acquisitions as an element of financial strategy
  • Building an effective risk management strategy
  • Fintech Business Strategies

Skills and Competence

Srudents will be able to:

  • analyse the financial condition of companies and financial institutions
  • justify the effectiveness of the investment policy of companies and financial institutions
  • make analytical justifications for managerial decisions
  • implement the financial policy of companies and financial institutions
  • work in an international team, successfully conduct intercultural communications
  • act in accordance with ethical principles in the field of finance


Special skills are not required.

Final Assessment

Group / individual project work

Final Grade Background

  • Attendance
  • Involvement
  • Task completion
  • Active participation in discussions
  • Completion of the final task

Course is taught by

PhD in Economics V. Krakovich, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor V. Makarova, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor I. Churakova, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor V. Nazarova.

Recommended Reading List

Aswat Damodaran, “Investment Appraisal. Tools and methods for valuation of any assets”, Alpina Publisher, 2019.

Steven Breg, CFO Handbook, Alpina Publisher, 2015.

Tom Copeland, Tim Koller, Jack Murrin, The Value of Companies. Valuation and management”, Olymp-Business, 2008.