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“Cooperation with Corporation 2.0” case championship

“Cooperation with Corporation 2.0” case championship


The School of Economics and Management HSE - St. Petersburg and financial and industrial holding Setl Group invite campus students to the case championship “Cooperation with Corporation 2.0”, which will be held from May 24 to June 10.

The competition is aimed at supporting talented students and forming a personnel reserve of the company from among the students of the faculty.

2-4 years bachelor students and 1-2 years master students are invited to participate.

The case championship will be held online. Teams of 1 to 4 people will receive a case based on real business tasks and processes in the construction industry. The participants will be faced with the task of assessing the investment attractiveness of real construction projects in St. Petersburg.

The participants of the winning teams will receive prizes from the Setl Group: a one-time nominal scholarship for each member of the winning team in the amount of 20,000 rubles and the opportunity to have an internship within a year after the end of the championship!

Each participant of the "Cooperation with the Corporation 2.0" championship will receive a certificate of participation.

Registration: from May 19 to May 23 (inclusive).

To register use the form: 

  • On May 24 teams receive a case assignment.
  • Stage I: May 24 - June 3 
  • June 7: announcement of the teams that go to the II Stage.
  • June 10: case defense in front of Setl Group and announcement of the winning teams.

Throughout the championship participants will have the opportunity to communicate with curators in a Telegram chat.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask:

Maria Ermakova, Director of HR and Organizational Development, Setl Group

‘The Setl Group Holding is a major employer with a forward-looking approach and progressive views. Therefore, we are interested in ensuring that the professional training of future personnel meets the modern requirements of the labor market.

Our cooperation with the HSE is aimed at developing the practical knowledge and applied competencies of students.

Our holding is ready to become a platform for the development of young professionals. The guys have the opportunity to have an industrial and undergraduate practice with us, to find practical application of the acquired knowledge in their field of study, to see and feel the real work process’.

Anna Kotova, Director of the Career Development Center at HSE - St. Petersburg

‘If we talk about case championships in general, then this is a great opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained at the university. This is how it happens: often the cases that participants are offered to solve are the real tasks of companies. They are interdisciplinary, respectively, to solve them, it is not enough just to have knowledge in a particular discipline. The development of a product promotion strategy should be supported by financial calculations and the legal aspects of certain tools.

Hence, another plus from participating in case championships is the ability to work in a team. In addition, the case championship allows you to show your knowledge not only to HR, but immediately to a person from the business - for example, the head of a particular department. And then he can recommend you as a candidate for an open position. Case championships in general are often used by companies precisely as a way to form a talent pool’.