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Design Daily Diary (DDD)

July 1 – 11


Language: English


During this course you will learn how to create a zine using handy items such as tickets, receipts, magazines, notes, photographs etc. 

Course Description

Design Daily Diary is a short intensive course during which students create a zine using professional software. Students are taught scenario thinking while creating a multi page edition. The course includes two film screenings on the topic.

The aim of the course is to show that design can be created out of anything if the storytelling is right. To find an idea, it’s often enough to just look around and rethink our view of the things that surround us.
Е. Penina 
Multidisciplinary designer, lecturer at HSE St. Petersburg Art and Design School

Student's Projects

Why Choose This Course?

The final project (zine) will be an advanced version of a personal diary, a compilation of everyday life. This is a way to rethink the routine. Creative way of looking at things will help to develop creative thinking.

Students will learn:

  • Layout design
  • Collage
  • Working with vector and raster graphics
  • Working with layout of a multi page edition
  • Pre-print preparation

Skills and Competence

  • Basic knowledge of professional design software
  • Design thinking
  • Layout design
  • Scenario thinking in designing multi page edition
  • Typography
  • Graphic narrative


Computer classes are provided for students, the only requirement is English language knowledge.

Teaching methods

Lectures, workshops, individual projects, practical training, film screening.

Final Assessment

Individual project presentation.

Final Grade Background

Аttendance, engagement, task completion.


Penina Elena (multidisciplinary designer, lecturer at HSE Art and Design School); Polikarpova Darina (PhD in Philosophy, senior lecturer at Design and Modern Art department in HSE, film researcher.