Ethnicity and religion in Russian prisons: a collaborative project by CYS and Oxford University

Centre for Youth Studies has come to agreement to provide a joint project with the University of Oxford.

Working project title - ethnicity and religion in Russian prisons. This decision was made after meeting between Elena Omelchenko and Guzel Sabirova with British colleagues - Professor Judith Pallot and Elena Kats - in Oxford at the end of October.

The joint project will be a new stage in the cooperation between Centre for Youth Studies and University of Oxford. The basic idea of the project - to look at the issues of ethnicity and religion through the eyes of the prisoners, to see how ethnic and religious differences affect the formation and relations, status and hierarchies in the prison environment in different regional contexts (Povolzsky Region, Northern Caucasus, Siberia and the Far North).

We’d like to remind that Professor Judith Pallot participated as an author of analytical section in the monograph "Before and after prison: Women's History", which presents the results of field studies provided by CYS of female penal experience. In addition, she will present as a co-editor of the monograph about relatives of prisoners, which is currently being prepared for release in the CYS.