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What is Science Battles and how can science be for everyone?

What is Science Battles and how can science be for everyone?

Science Battles is a popular science project in which HSE students and postgraduates vividly and clearly talk about their research from various fields of science for 10 minutes in the TEDtalks format. 
The speaker's task is to arouse maximum interest in his topic from the audience in order to go to the next stage.
The winner is determined by the audience and the jury by online voting.

On November 13, at 18:00, the final of the 4th season of Science Battles will be held online, at which it will become known who will win the main prize which is a travel grant!
To become a spectator and take part in the voting, register using
the link!

Research topics presented at the final:
- The psychology of consumption: why are losses felt twice as strong as profits?
- An apology for violence: when can Orthodoxy approve of the use of force?
- From Instagram masks to the metaverse: how to respond to a message with augmented reality glasses?
- Youth as an engine of progress: new trends in the consumption of alcoholic beverages

If you have your own research, apply for Season V of Fights (deadline November 9 23:59). 

More information about the project can be found in the Vkontakte group and on the website.