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International Business in Pandemic and Post-COVID-19 Era


Lectures and seminars
Final Projects Presentations
Group work, individual preparation and reading


The COVID-19 pandemic caused unprecedented disruption to the international economy and world trade. The track “International Business in Pandemic and Post-COVID-19 Era” is going to increase your understanding of how the pandemic is shaping the world economy and international business worldwide—and what to expect. 

Aimed at the development and improvement of professional practice in cross-border and cross-cultural settings, the track provides an opportunity to undertake advanced training in the areas of research methodology, professional communication, teamwork, analytical skills, and project management.

The track is designed to develop an awareness of the major issues that international business is confronted with the new extreme uncertainty. The topics consider challenges and changes of the “new normal”, pitfalls and positive effects in the field of technological progress, including increased digitalization and technology adoption. 

The track provides an opportunity to explore and deal with the cross-cultural issues in the COVID-19 crisis. The participants will get acquainted with how risks are changing in COVID-19 reality, will learn about risk management in uncertain times, risk identification and classification, risk assessment, actions for risks mitigation and elimination, and risk as an opportunity.

All sessions are planned online in interactive mode. The real-life companies’ cases, teamwork, project development, and research activities constitute an integral part of the track. 


The track welcomes participants from various backgrounds (Economics, International Business, Management), including those students who are currently studying another subject but who want to broaden their knowledge in this field.

Applicants have to meet a standard entry requirement of being 18 years old or over by the time the Research School commences and being able to study in English (language certificates are not required).


Please prepare a motivation letter (up to 1,000 words) describing your background, expressing your academic self, your interest in the topic, as well as how participation in the track is going to affect your personal and professional life and development.

We appreciate knowing what made you consider applying and how you heard about the HSE St. Petersburg International Research School and the track “International Business in Pandemic and Post-COVID-19 Era”.


Academic Coordinator: Tatiana Grishchenko

Lecturers: Tatiana Grishchenko, Elena Rogova, Polina Artamoshina, Victor Krakovich 

Tatiana Grishchenko

Leading Expert, St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management, International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy; Visiting Scholar, St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management, Department of Management

Elena Rogova

Dean, St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management; Professor, Department of Finance

Polina S. Artamoshina

Lecturer, Doctoral Student, St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management, Department of Management; Research Assistant, St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management, International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy

Victor Krakovich

Senior Lecturer, Visiting Scholar, St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management, Department of Finance; Junior Research Fellow, St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management, International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy



Module 1 

New Reality and Critical Perspectives on International Business in Pandemic and Post-COVID-19 Era (Tatiana Grishchenko, 8 hours)

Module 2

Updates and Insights of Cross-Cultural Issues under Pandemic Impact.  Cross-Cultural Sensitivity (6 hours) 

Module 3

Digital Transformation: Challenges and Change Caused by the COVID-19 Outbreak (Polina Artamoshina, 6 hours) 

Module 4

Managing Risks in Uncertain Times: What International Companies Should Consider (Elena Rogova, Viktor Krakovich, 8 hours)

Consultations: 8 hours (2 hours per topic) 

Final project results presentation: 2-4 hours

Examination Committee: Dean Elena Rogova, Academic Coordinator Tatiana Grishchenko, business company representative)

Please note 
Сhanges to the course syllabus may be made over the coming months before exact set of topics are finalised.\


Upon course completion students should be able to:

1. Think strategically about a company, its business position in the global dimension addressing COVID-19 and post-pandemic challenges and changes; 

2. Сompare and analyse cultures and societies globally using socioeconomic and cultural frameworks in the new COVID-19 and  post-COVID-19 reality; 

3. Guidance on the role of culture in international companies; 

4. Identify, assess and manage risks in uncertain times; 

5. Implement the international management tools to particular business situations. 


The team-based project is an essential part of the track for training the practical competencies obtained during the studying of the track topics. Each team will act as experts carrying out analysis and providing the decision for potential market entry in the new reality caused by the pandemic.

The teams will analyse the environment, outline the challenges and opportunities for expanding international business to a particular country, as well as and provide relevant guidelines and recommendations for entering the new market in pandemic/post-pandemic reality. The analytic toolkit gained during the studying of the track topics will facilitate addressing risks in uncertain times. The final assessment of the project will be done upon presentations during the last day of the track implementation.


In order to sit the final exam students have to attend no less than 70 % of the online classes. 

The final grade will be comprised of:

  • 40% (10% for each of 4 track topics) class activities, including participation in class discussion, case studies, completion of the assignments
  • 60%  final research project presentation

Assessment is carried out according to the standard 10-point scale. 

Assessment Compliance Scale


Rising regionalization: will the post-COVID-19 world see a retreat from globalization? By Peter Enderwick and Peter Buckley* https://unctad.org/system/files/official-document/diaeia2020d2a5_en.pdf

Harvard Business Review: Will Covid-19 Have a Lasting Impact on Globalization? by Steven A. Altman https://hbr.org/2020/05/will-covid-19-have-a-lasting-impact-on-globalization

Related Expertise


Those participants who complete the course and sit the final exam will receive a transcript of records and a certificate of attendance. Those who will not be able to sit the final exam, will be provided with a certificate of audition only.

The credits earned upon completion of the course can be transferred to your home university/institution. Please verify with your home university/institution that the credits you get from HSE University can be applied to your curriculum (programme).

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