St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management

Results of the case championship “Cooperation with Corporation 2.0” by SEM and Setl Group

On June 15, in the midst of preparing for the session, SEM students presented their solutions for the case championship “Cooperation with Corporation 2.0”, which HSE St. Petersburg held together with the Setl Group holding.

We share with you how it was:

  • 25 teams took part in the championship among which were students of 2-3 courses of SEM.
  • Within 3 weeks the participants developed a financial model to assess the investment attractiveness of Setl Group projects
  • 5 teams reached the final
  • 3 teams "Team +", "GY Team" and "Sloy" became the winners!


The participants of the winning teams won a one-time scholarship in the amount of 20,000 rubles from Setl Group and the opportunity to have a short-term internship in the company!

Experts from Setl Group noted the high level of competence and work of our students.

We asked the finalists to share their impressions of the case championship.


Anastasia Pustynnikova, Ekaterina Reznichenko, Polina Severinova, Asilbek Khalilov, 3rd year student, “Team +”

“We, “Team +”, could not miss this opportunity to put our theoretical knowledge into practice so we decided to take part in the case championship. We can say right away that we have never regretted our decision. What experience have we got? We learned what an escrow account is and how, in practice, the bank protects apartment buyers from unscrupulous developers, remembered how to calculate the discount rate using WACC and CAPM, and also practiced our soft-skills by working as a team in a short time. Our efforts, which we are very happy about, were appreciated - we won and now we are looking forward to starting our practice at Setl Group!”


Ksenia Klimenko, 2nd year student, “Offerists” team

“The case championship seemed to me an interesting opportunity to learn about the application of corporate finance to solve practical business problems.To successfully solve the case it was necessary to understand the specifics of the construction industry, for example, to delve into the concept of escrow accounts. My teammates and I were resourceful by building a model that automatically determined the best scenario for investing. I recommend the case championship to anyone who is passionate about corporate finance and would like to do an internship in real estate.”


Maria Malkova, 2nd year student, “Sloy” team

“Participation in a case championship is always a great experience and an opportunity to try to solve real problems of the company. For me personally, this was a discovery of my future profession from a new perspective and gave me an understanding of what else I would like to develop. Our team participated in the case championship for the first time, so the victory was an incredible joy for us. We are grateful that Setl Group, together with our university, organized a case championship and gave us the opportunity to practice with them and gain new experience!”


Maxim Babikov, 2nd year student, “Offerists” team

“During the case championship from Setl Group, thanks to the work with my team, I learned how to build financial models and realized that the knowledge gained at the university is quite applicable in practice. Although there were many inaccuracies in our final financial model, the experts' comments were interesting and gave us an additional incentive to learn more about the construction industry. So I recommend participation in such championships to everyone – I guarantee you will learn a lot of new and useful things.”

Director of the Department of Personnel and Organizational Development Maria Ermakova


We thank all the students for their participation and the work done and wish you continued success!