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Term Paper

The university-wide document regulating the preparation and defence of term papers at  HSE:
Regulations for Term Papers and Theses Prepared by Students of the Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Level.

Programme guidelines:

GUIDELINES FOR TERM PAPER Master in International Business - 2020 

Term paper topics (i.e term paper titles) are selected using the LMS system through the module "Thesis/Term paper topics" ("Couse themes").
You can apply for a topic from those proposed by faculty members or propose your own topic. Please note that it is important to contact the supervisor and discuss the final topic.

Until November 20

To select a topic of Term paper and have it approved by the supervisor via LMS 

Until april 30

Opportunity to change the supervisor and change/refine the topic of Term paper 

Until june 4

Provision of the final version of Term paper to the supervisor

Until June 15

Uploading Term paper to LMS (until 23:59)


Checking for plagiarism and posting on the corporate website

Regulations on Checking Student Papers for Plagiarism and the Publication of Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Theses on the HSE Corporate Website
Plagiarism in written assignments

Please note that the level of originality of your paper cannot be lower 80%!

The list of available applications: 

 Template request for term paper topic 

Template request for change of term paper topic 

Template request for change of term paper supervisor

Template request for change of term paper supervisor and topic 

Proposed topics for term papers, 2020/2021 academic year:

Proposed topics for term papers, 2020-2021 (XLSX, 13 Kb) 

Additional information on Term paper can be found in HSE Academic Handbook:

Term Paper FAQ