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The study plan includes basic courses of the master programs in management, as well as disciplines that develop international orientation in business studies. The students can choose between two available tracks for their individual study plans (Management in Creative Industries in the Global Economy and Global Supply Chain Management for intake 2020 ; Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Global Marketsand International Business Operations for intake 2021 ). The adaptation module (Basics of Econometric; Managerial Economics) is provided for graduates who previously did not study management and economics. Students also have opportunities to choose disciplines from the common campus and university pools.

MIB curriculum for intake 2020 (academic years 2020/2021 and 2021/2022)


Program structure for intake 2021 (academic years 2021/2022 and 2022/2023)


- basic courses for managerial programmes :

Research Methods in Management (3 ECTS credits)

Strategic Management (3 ECTS credits)


- core courses of the programme:

Global Strategies and New Business Models (6 ECTS credits)

International Financial Management (6 ECTS credits)

International Economics (6 ECTS credits)

International Marketing (3 ECTS credits)

Digital Business Transformation (6 ECTS credits)

Legal Aspects of International Business (6 ECTS credits)

Ethics in Global Business: Decision Making and Communication (3 ECTS credits)

- Students can choose between two options for their study tracks: Practically oriented track International Business Operations and Research oriented track Entrepreneurship and Innovation in

Global Markets


- courses of the General track:

Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics (6 ECTS credits)

International Procurement Management (6 ECTS credits)

HR Management in International Companies (3 ECTS credits)


- courses of the Research track:

Strategic Entrepreneurship (3 ECTS credits)

Managing Innovation and Business Development (6 ECTS credits)

Data Analysis for Business Research (6 ECTS credits)


- adaptational courses

Basics of Econometric (3 ECTS credits)

Managerial Economics (3 ECTS credits)


- elective course MAGOLEGO (3 ECTS credits)

- students also have opportunities to choose disciplines from the common campus and university pools.

- project and research seminars (15 ECTS credits)

- term paper 1st year (5 ECTS credits)

- project activities 1st and 2nd years (5 ECTS credits)

- internships 1st and 2nd years (14 ECTS credits)

- master’s thesis (21 ECTS credits)