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Brown Bag SEMinar+October 6th, 2020 15:00 – 16:00 ZOOM

SEM Regular research seminar – Brown Bag SEMinar – is returning for a new season. We have had more than ten meetings during the previous season. The majority of these meetings were devoted to research paper presentations by SEM faculty and doctoral students. Many researchers have had to change their event/conference participation plans because of COVID this year. So we do want to provide you with an additional opportunity to discuss your research ideas and research papers during our seminar. You are very welcome to become a speaker for forthcoming meetings in November, December and January. Our first meeting will happen on October 6th.

All SEM faculty and students are welcome to join the seminar. Aleksandra Zakharova, doctoral student & visiting lecturer of SEM HSE will do a research paper presentation depicting the preliminary results of her study of companies’ board system.

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Zoom meeting, joint with IDLAB regular seminar

October 6th

15:00 - 16:00 // Research paper presentation 

Title:  To Monitor or not to Monitor: The Effect of Board System on the Performance of Russian Publicly Traded Companies and the Moderating Role of CEO Human Capital

Author: Aleksandra Zakharova, PhD student & visiting lecturer HSE SEM

Abstract: The board of directors is one of the main mechanisms to solve the collective management problem inherent in corporate governance. A lot of discussion in the domestic and foreign scientific community is caused by such characteristic of boards of directors as board system. A number of researchers have tried to empirically test which system, one-tier or two-tier, is more conducive to corporate activities. The heterogeneity of the results leads us to the conclusion that the effect of separation of executive and supervisory functions depends on whether its advantages or disadvantages, explained in terms of agency and stewardship theories, outweigh, which may depend on a number of internal and external factors. The paper attempts to partially fill the gap in existing knowledge by determining the influence of board system on the financial performance of Russian companies employing human capital theory to explain the possible moderating role of CEOs’ characteristics. A database of 311 publicly traded Russian companies for the period from 2008 to 2018 was employed. The preliminary results support the hypothesis that companies with a two-tier system have higher values of company performance indicators unless we take into account the moderating effect of CEO age. The results of the study will be of interest both to the members of the academic community interested in the topic of corporate governance and to the business representatives, primarily owners and managers of large public companies.

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