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St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management

Main reasons for choosing a Master’s programme 'Management and Analytics for Business'

In the era of Big Data, the ability for being able to select the relevant information and to process it in order to take the right decisions is more demanded for the companies each time. The School of Economics and Management have launched a new Master’s programme 'Management and Analytics for Business' that aims to prepare professional or future academics that wish to look for solutions to problems using research, developing and implementing mathematical models, analysing big amount of data and applying the common knowledge in the areas of general management, marketing and human resources.

We are challenging to help the students to develop their skills in a world that is in continuous evolution. The students will be provide with the tools to learn how to solve new problems from a quantitative and analytical approach.

Angel Barajas
Programme Academic Supervisor
PhD, Professor, Head of the Department of Finance at HSE University-Spb


We boost up your career prospects

The Master in Management and Analytics for Business is able to exploit digital and analytical tools to cogent decisions making. This expertise is expected to be the most relevant and demanded by employers. We expect moreover you generating new data-driven business ideas. We train specialists who will become leaders in the digital transformation of business. Our graduates will work as development directors, heads of HR, marketing, consultants. You will become trendmakers and visionaries of the new economy, successful entrepreneurs in the emerging digital business environment.

Dennis Craig Coates

Programme Academic Board Member
Leading Research Fellow in International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy, HSE University,
PhD, Professor at UMBC

Many people pursue an MBA that puts little emphasis on practical technical skills for managers of businesses.  The Master in Management and Analytics for Business provides students with those skills through its emphasis on research methods, statistical analysis and data mining techniques.  It also embodies the value of independent research and explicitly offers the possibility of an academic career in addition to the possibility of a career in business.  All these distinctions make this program rather unique and exciting.

You will study on innovative cutting-edge business programme

The programme provides rigorous theoretical foundations during the first year of study – common for all students; and domain-oriented business analytical training within the second year. We build training around real business projects and digital start-ups under the leadership of the major experts in Russia and abroad.

The programme targets bachelors with IT, math, economics and management background. The umbrella topics for all tracks – data analytics and culture applied for business in general and its essential counterparts: human resources, marketing.

One more key distinction of the programme refers to an emphasis put on emerging markets and their specific traits when it comes to strategic management and data-driven decisions.

Felix Javier Lopez Iturriaga

Leading Research Fellow in  International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy, HSE University,
PhD, Professor at UV

We live in a changing world: societies, institutions and firms are in permanent change. This constant evolution raises new challenges and opportunities worldwide, so the ability to analyze an overwhelming flow of information has become a key to success in business. Two related concepts that have emerged in recent years are “lifelong learning” and “learning how to learn”. The Master in Management and Analytics for Business is designed to provide the students with a solid foundation of knowledge to make them able to pursuit a professional career in a number of fields such as marketing, human resources management, international business, corporate finance, public policy, research, etc. Two outstanding features of the program are the international scope and the orientation to the labor market.

International experience is a key distinction of our program

Our programme is provided by professors with international background, educated on leading business schools. All students will be given opportunity to take part in business internship, and to spend one semester abroad studying on leading international business programmes. Moreover, the best master students can leverage their formation and qualification being enrolled in QTEM consortium (Quantitative Techniques for Economics & Management Masters Network) and certificated by one the best business schools-members of QTEM.

This is your programme, if you look for:

  • an innovative and an independent-minded approach to new business challenges in data-driven economy,
  • a thorough understanding of the core principles of business management and governance on highly competitive global markets,
  • relevant tools and investigative skills to a range of business problems to produce innovative cogent solutions,
  • communicating analytically, effectively and perceptively within a business environment