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Programme overview


The Master’s programme (38.04.08) in Finance (MiF) provides training for both professionals in financial management, and for scholarly researchers in the area of finance.

The programme focuses on creating and developing competencies in financial management for financial institutions and non-financial companies.The main emphasis is on contemporary theory and modern practices in corporate finance. At the same time, the programme provides fundamental knowledge in the broad area of finance that ensures our graduates are prepared for a diversity of  career pathways, including in, the real sector of the economy, banks, investment funds, consulting companies, insurance companies and elsewhere. The focus on research-based teaching, delivered through a combination of student research projects, internship opportunities, dissertation work and taught courses also equips students for entry into an academic career via a PhD programme.

The programme is designed to serve different types of students. For graduates in Economics or Finance, the programme is an ideal opportunity to continue and deepen their studies, but it is also suitable for strong students with a previous background in other subject disciplines. We incorporate ‘adaptation’ modules that are designed specifically for helping the transition from other disciplines into the finance sphere.

The programme has been thoughtfully designed through a process of collaborative work between researchers and practitioners in the area of Finance and has involved international benchmarking, incorporation of best practice and understanding how best to exploit the local comparative advantages. It complies with the Law of the Russian Federation on Education and, through this, a set of educational and professional standards, regulations and other approved documents of the federal and institutional levels. It is also aligned to international standards and requirements, including the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Programme Aims

Training professional and responsible decision-makers and leaders in the broad area of finance, suited to taking competitive leadership positions in uncertain and changing global markets.

Education of knowledgeable professionals able to apply academic theories and analytic tools to solve practical financial problems.

On completion of the programme, students will acquire the necessary competencies in financial management with the focus on risk management for non-financial corporations, and an ability to perform research in different fields of finance, including corporate finance, risk management, and financial markets.

Intended  Learning Outcomes of MS Programme


Learning Outcome code

Intended learning outcomes


Knowledge and Understanding


Understand the challenges of uncertain economic environment, assess them and take appropriate financial and investment decisions


Demonstrate deep knowledge and critical understanding of theories, principles, concepts and methodologies in finance

Intellectual skills



Use strong analytical skills and apply them to solve practical problems


Examine and critically appraise research methods and tools  relevant for research in finance


Plan and perform an independent research project in the area of finance


Evaluate and design financial strategies for companies and financial institutions in a turbulent environment

Professional skills



Evaluate risks of financial decision-taking in different contexts


Take the  responsibility and persuade the audience in the efficiency and reasonability of your decisions


Demonstrate a range of generic skills including information and time management, team and project work, computing and autonomous learning


Demonstrate an innovative, open and ethical mindset

Programme distinctions

It has a focus on risk management for non-financial companies and financial institutions that is unique for such programmes.

The programme is certified by ACCA

The programme is in the process of preparation for EPAS accreditation