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International Financial Management

Учебный год
Обучение ведется на английском языке
Курс обязательный
Когда читается:
1-й курс, 3, 4 модуль


Course Syllabus


The course is dedicated to international financial markets and international monetary relations. The goal of the course is to get students acquainted with fundamentals of international monetary and financial operations.
Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • The goal of the course is to get students to understand fundamentals of international financial management and the workings of international monetary system and forex markets.
  • Understand the monetary policy issues which authorities face for managing the international capital flows
  • Analyse, apply and evaluate information within the international financial environment to solve problems and make informed decisions in a corporate
  • Know the theoretical issues involved in the international financial management of a corporate/organisation
  • Forecast exchange rates based on the parity conditions that should apply between spot rates, forward rates, inflation rates, and interest rates
  • Know the practical considerations (such a transfer pricing, transactions structuring etc.) of international financial management of a multi national corporate
  • Know the issues/decisions that corporates face while managing finances and investments internationally
  • Understanding the risks that organizations have to mitigate or manage while managing finances internationally and the techniques for that
  • A good understanding of the key concepts related to currency, exchange rate and capital flows which are likely to be encountered while working in a multi-national corporate
Expected Learning Outcomes

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the basics of globalization and the ideas behind (MNCs)
  • Understand the relationships among exchange rate, interest rates, and inflation
  • Understand exchange rate determination
  • Understand the exchange rate and monetary policy
  • Understand the International flow of funds
  • Understand the risks in international financial management
  • Understand the Forex fluctuations
  • Understand the cross border transactions for MNCs
  • Analyse the practical IFM Issues faced by MNCs
  • Analyse the International Financial Markets
  • Analyze the Hedge Funds and Private Equity
  • Analyze the Great Financial Crisis 2008-09
Course Contents

Course Contents

  • 1.1 Financial Management Theory : Quick Recap
  • 1.2 Globalisation & Multi National Companies (MNCs)
  • 2.1 Theory : Relationships among exchange rate, interest rates, and inflation
  • 2.2 Exchange rate determination
  • 3.1 Cross border transactions for MNCs
  • 3.2 Practical IFM Issues faced by MNCs
  • 4.1 Risks in international financial management
  • 4.2 Forex Fluctuations - Managing Economic & Translation Exposure
  • 5.1 Exchange Rate and Monetary Policy
  • 5.2 International flow of funds
  • 6.1 International Financial Markets
  • 6.2 Hedge Funds and Private Equity
  • 6.3 Great Financial Crisis 2008-09
Assessment Elements

Assessment Elements

  • non-blocking Case Study
  • non-blocking Surpize Quiz N2
  • non-blocking Exam
  • non-blocking Mid Term
  • non-blocking Surprise Quiz N1
Interim Assessment

Interim Assessment

  • 2023/2024 4th module
    0.2 * Case Study + 0.4 * Exam + 0.2 * Mid Term + 0.1 * Surpize Quiz N2 + 0.1 * Surprise Quiz N1


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