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Centre for Youth Studies

Director – Elena L. Omelchenko

CV Elena Omelchenko (PDF, 355 Кб)


Sedova str., 55 building 2

tel:  (812) 644-59-11
Extension number: 61317




Youth in Putin's Russia

Omelchenko E. L.

Palgrave Macmillan, 2021.

Book chapter
Russian Youth in the Labour Market: Work Attitudes, Career Paths and Regional Disparities

Krupets Y., Sablina A., Vyhovska H.

In bk.: Youth in Putin's Russia. Palgrave Macmillan, 2021. Ch. 9. P. 301-338.

Working paper
Cultural employment in Russia and Europe: a comparative analysis

Полякова Е. Ю., Kuleva M.

CGES Working Papers. WP 2014-04. Centre for German and European Studies Bielefeld / St. Petersburg, 2018

Centre for Youth Studies is a research center aimed at large scale international projects concerning youth. It represents a fundamentally new academic space, where experienced researchers as well as students from different universities and different countries are invited for creative collaboration.


The Russian Science Foundation will support the three-year research of the CYS: «Sustainability and creative potential of youth in the North Caucasus region in the context of educational and labor migration».
April 02
The first stage of the project is joint reading and discussion of literature. In this article we talk about reading groups based on a new study.
March 21
The School of Social Sciences announces the recruitment of students for an expedition to Himalayas. You can apply until March 20.
March 11
In the new project, the Center's team will focus on attitudes regarding the working and employment regimes of workers aged 18-25 and employers.
February 09
On January 23, the XX annual ceremony of awarding the People's Prize "Bright Past" was held. The 2024 laureate is Elena Omelchenko, a leading specialist in the field of youth sociology, Director of the Center for Youth Studies, Professor of the Department of Sociology at the HSE – St. Petersburg.
February 06
The HSE Center for Youth Studies and the KFU Laboratory of Sociological Research will continue to work together on the project "Educational migration of students from small towns and villages to megacities. Social inclusion as a way to increase sustainability: barriers, strategies, successful practices".
January 16
The outgoing year turned out to be very busy for the Center for Youth Studies. We believe that next year we will not slow down.
December 25, 2023
The third and final year of the project "Scenarios for the social inclusion of regional youth in the context of educational migration" has ended. On December 18, the Mirror Laboratories team held a final meeting and summed up the results of research and scientific work for 2023.
December 21, 2023
Sociology is one of the most fascinating fields of scientific activity. We are happy to work in it, develop our ideas, share them and try new approaches. The Center for Youth Studies congratulates everyone whose professional life is connected with sociology! Let there be more opportunities, interesting projects and research collaborations!
November 14, 2023
The focus will be on young professionals from the regions involved in creative industries and contributing to the development of their cities. Creative industries include cultural heritage, art, media industry and functional creativity.
November 01, 2023
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