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Studies and Mobility at HSE University in View of the Current International Situation: Answers to the Most Pressing Questions

Due to the situation in Ukraine, students and staff have a lot of questions regarding studies and academic mobility. Here are answers to the most frequent questions. This list will continue to be updated.

© HSE – St. Petersburg

© HSE – St. Petersburg

For Students

What is the contact point for students who are on mobility programmes abroad and students who find themselves in a difficult situation?

Such questions should be addressed to Study Offices (a professional network managing educational programmes within HSE)—all contact information can be found on an official web page of the educational programme you are currently enrolled in. Below is a list of all contacts of the Study Offices of all educational programmes run on the campus collected in a single file:

A list of contacts of Study Offices of the HSE - St. Petersburg (XLSX, 18 Kb)

You can submit a consultation request to the HSE – St. Petersburg Student Council via an online form which will be redirected to an emergency hotline and send a private message in the HSE – St. Petersburg Student Council official group on Vkontakte, Telegram, as well as contact directly the Council's representatives: Ruslan Miftakhutdinov (@rimiftakhutdinov), Alexander Shabelnikov (@shbalx) or Vlada McCormick (@balodisvlada). You can reach the Student Council Office via the following email studsovetspb@mail.ru

You can also call the HSE Situation Center at +7 (495) 628-53-20 or send an email at help@hse.ru. The centre provides HSE students and employees with psychological assistance, legal advice, help with domestic issues, study process issues, etc.

What can I do if I am an international student on a mobility programme at HSE University and want to go home?

You can switch to online studies provided that your university continues to cooperate with the campus.

What can I do if I am an international bachelor’s student and want to go home?

We recommend taking an exceptional leave of absence. This will allow you to preserve your place and get back to your studies when you have the opportunity. More information on how to process a leave of absence is available in the HSE Academic Handbook (available in English).

What can I do if I am an international master’s student and want to go home?

If you intend to continue your studies at HSE University, your studies can be switched to an online format, pending approval by your Academic Supervisor.

What will the format of studies be for all other students?

All classes at HSE University are taking place on-site, with the exception of intercampus disciplines and classes taught by teachers working remotely.

What can I do if I have been nominated for a mobility programme at an international university?

Students who have been nominated for mobility programmes (even those who have been issued visas) are recommended to take into consideration the travel restrictions and start the mobility online or postpone it until next semester.

Can I apply for mobility in the 2022 autumn semester?

Yes, the application process for study abroad programmes remains open. The deadline for applications is March 10 (11:59 pm, Moscow time). Students of the HSE – St. Petersburg campus can address all questions regarding the mobility competition to the Student Mobility Support Department via the following email outgoingspb@hse.ru

Can Russian students studying at foreign universities transfer to HSE – St. Petersburg?

Yes. On the basis of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation order, the HSE – St. Petersburg campus is getting ready to accept students with Russian citizenship who are currently studying at foreign universities and have faced violation of their rights. The Student Service Centre is ready to consider each appeal on a case-by-case basis and determine to which programme and in what order the transfer can be made.

What can international students do to extend their Russian visas?

In accordance with the law, foreign citizens arriving in Russia for a period of more than 90 days, including for education purposes, must undergo a medical examination and submit fingerprints and photographs. More information is available here. You can address the HSE – St. Petersburg International Student Support Unit or send an email at isso@hse.ru

For Faculty and Staff

What can I do if I am an HSE University teacher who is abroad and unable to enter Russia?

If you don’t expect to be able to return to Russia within 14 days, discuss remote work arrangement with your immediate supervisor and send them a proper request addressed to Director of the HSE Campus in St. Petersburg Anna Tyshetskaya.

What will happen to external online study services and what tools are recommended to use today?

Teachers are recommended to switch to SmartLMS, which is a convenient platform for storing materials, collecting assignments from students, and grading. It is also highly recommended to save all documents, videos, images, research outcomes and other digital assets from cloud services by international providers (such as Microsoft OneDrive, Youtube, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Adobe Creative Cloud etc) to local drives / USB drives. In the near future, the IT Office will publish detailed instructions for key cloud services.