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Data Analysis Techniques in Finance

Academic Year
Instruction in English
ECTS credits
Course type:
Elective course
2 year, 1, 2 module


Smirnova, Elena

Course Syllabus


The course focuses on the tools of data analysis and visualization used for financial analysis, financial modeling and investment analysis. In the end of the course, students will be able to apply Excel and Power BI for different purposes in the area of Finance. The course has a practical nature and is based on real-life cases.
Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Ability to construct a data model, create financial dashboard from scratch based on a business case for getting insights and performing analysis.
Expected Learning Outcomes

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Cleaning, transforming, and loading the data.
  • Ability to construct financial models
  • Analyzing Financial Data for Solving Business Problems
  • Business performance evaluation
  • Creating BI reports. Configuring the report page.
  • Defining the tables and configure table and column properties. Defining quick measures.
  • Understanding data value cycle
  • Understanding principles of Data-Driven Decision Making
Course Contents

Course Contents

  • Method and tools of financial data analysis
  • Use of financial models in management
  • Data for financial and management reporting and performance analysis
  • Unit-economics and major performance metrics
  • Data visualization techniques in creating BI reports
  • Preparing the Data
  • Modeling the Data
  • Analyzing the Data
Assessment Elements

Assessment Elements

  • non-blocking Data Analysis Model in Power BI
  • non-blocking Financial Model in Excel
  • non-blocking test
Interim Assessment

Interim Assessment

  • 2021/2022 2nd module
    0.3 * Data Analysis Model in Power BI + 0.4 * test + 0.3 * Financial Model in Excel


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