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International students

Pathway 1: International Admission

International Admission provides opportunity for any international applicant to enroll to a self-funded place and to compete for the discounts or even free tuition.
Applications are accepted online through the Applicant's Personal Account only!

The deadlines for the International Admission:

  • Application deadline for international admission –  August 10th, 2022.

The online application contains:

  • Scan of the main passport pages (with photo and name etc.).
  • Scan of the diplomas and academic transcripts (if you have not yet received your Bachelor’s diploma, please include an official copy of your most recent academic transcript).
  • Letter of motivation (describing your reasons for applying in the context of your long-term career goals and background, 500 words).
  • Resume/CV (including information about your education, professional, and research experience, as well as language proficiency and other skills.
  • At least one recommendation letter.
  • Exam results confirming language proficiency (optional).
  • Full texts or annotations of the applicants' research projects (optional).

Assessment Principles:

  • International admission to the graduate studies is based upon application assessment and Skype interview held  by the assessment commission.
  • The final mark may vary from 5 to 100 points.
  • Applicants with high score for the application assessment (including Skype interview) may be awarded with up to 50% discount off the tuition fee.
  • Applicants with the top scores may compete to be nominated for the free tuition and a monthly scholarship.
  • Free tuition scholarships are awarded to the restricted number of highly qualified applicants. 
  • Full criteria for the portfolio assessment.
  • For more information about application procedure, please visit this page.

Pathway 2: participation in HSE’s international competitions

Foreign nationals can secure a place at our graduate programmes through participation in HSE and international competitions. Learn more and register at https://olymp.hse.ru/en/

Pathway 3: general admission (limited eligibility)

Following international applicants are eligible to apply for state-funded (free of fees) place or for a self-funded place at our graduate programmes along with Russian applicants:

  • Citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kirgizia (national passport must be provided)  
  • Citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine permanently residing in Russia (permanent residence document must be provided)
  • Living Abroad Compatriots (Compatriot status confirmation must be provided according to Federal Law N99-ФЗ dated 24.05.1999)

Please check your eligibility before applying through the general admission!

Please note: within the general admission international applicants will compete with Russian applicants. According to our statistics, general admission is much more difficult for international applicants than international admission.

Learn more about the general admission on https://spb.hse.ru/abiturient (only available in Russian language)