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How to Fall in Love with Political Science in Four Years’ Time and Enrol in an MA Programme in Germany

Nikol Fuks
The Political Science Department's Free Editorial Office ('Volnaja Redaksiya') caught up with graduate Nikol Fuks to talk about enrolling in an educational programme abroad, lecturers, how to overcome yourself, and choose a thesis topic.

HSE University - St Petersburg Hosts Francophonie Summer School for First Time in Russia

HSE University - St Petersburg
The Summer School of the Francophone Organisation on European Studies and Education in Social Sciences (OFFRES - Organisation francophone pour la formation et la recherche européennes en sciences humaines) was held at the beginning of July 2019 in St. Petersburg with the support of HSE University. The school brought together 60 researchers from almost 20 countries. Over the course of a week, school participants organised lectures and seminars around the theme, 'Empires: Centre and Periphery' in 5 areas: cinema, literature, philosophy, history, and political science.

I Made the Right Choice

Sofia Gubaidulina
Sofia Gubaidulina, a graduate of Bachelor's programme in Political Science and World Politics, was born and grew up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She heard about HSE University - St Petersburg from her friends, and when she was deciding which programmes to apply for, she knew for sure that she wanted to study in the political science programme. Sofia considers HSE University - St Petersburg to be a place 'where everyone can find something for themselves'.

First-Years in Poli-Sci Now Have More Opportunities Than Ever Before

First-Years in Poli-Sci Now Have More Opportunities Than Ever Before
The admission campaign is in full swing—and HSE News Service decided to talk to Anna Dekalchuk, the academic supervisor of the bachelor’s programme ‘Political Science and World Politics’, to find out what awaits prospective first-year students.

111th Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association: Notes from a Participant

The 111th Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA) took place from September 3 – 6, 2015, in San Francisco.