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Due to organizational issues, the conference is postponed till April 9-11, 2021. 

Deadline for applications is March 14, 2021. Contacts: mun@hseimun.org or ykabanov@hse.ru


HSEIMUN is an academic event for high school and university students, devoted to the global issues and organized in the Model United Nations format, simulating the UN and its main committees. During the Conference, participants represent various countries, formulate their positions and take part in the discussion of resolutions.

The main organizer of the event is the BA programme in Political Science and World Politics.

HSEIMUN is an excellent opportunity to

  • practice research activities on world politics and diplomacy
  • learn more about the international decision-making system and the United Nations in particular;
  • practice negotiation skills, learn more about the profession of a diplomat;
  • get acquainted with peers from different countries;
  • increase the level of foreign languages proficiency.

The Third HSEIMUN Conference will be held on April 9-11, completely online.

Apply now!

Important Dates

23 January

Webinar for registered participants

6 February

World Politics Day at HSE - St. Petersburg

2 March

Fees payment system launch

14 March

Deadline for applications

15 March

Youth School of World Politics and Diplomacy, Deadline for fees payment

9-11 April


Terms of Participation

General Terms

Individual Registration

Group Registration

Registration Fees

Pay the registration fee

How to Participate

  • Choose a Committee

    The agenda of HSEIMUN 2021 can be found here. More information about the event is available on our Facebook page.

  • Apply by 14 March 2021

    You may apply here. Before the registration, please read out Terms of Participation. After the application you will be contacted by the organizers to define the country you will represent. 

  • Pay the registration fee by 15 March 2021

    The fee is 500 roubles. It can be paid by credit card on our website from February 5 to March 15. 

  • Prepare for the Conference

    Visit our World Politics Day (February 6) and the Youth School of World Politics and Diplomacy (starting March 15).


The third HSEIMUN conference this year will be held online using several online platforms:

  • Zoom: holding meetings in the videoconference format;
  • MUN Command: moderation of debates during meetings;
  • Messengers for notifications of delegates, e-mail;
  • Google Documents to work with resolutions.

HSEIMUN 2021 Secretariat

Yury Kabanov


Denis Mukha

Secretary General

Borna Kashvad Ardehi

Director of Operations

Danil Kandaurov

Director of Logistics

Katerina Reznichenko

Director of Business Development

Evgenia Kuprina

Director of Multimedia

Isa Djavadov

Director of Education

Zoya Polyakova

Director of Communications

Maria Zheleznova

Director of SMM

Polina Kosterina

Director of SMM

Bradli Butcher

Director of Journal

Agenda 2021: Biopolitics and Global Challenges of the Pandemic

Security Council [ENG]

Disarmament & International Security [ENG]

Экономический и социальный совет [RUS]

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee [ENG]

United Nations Environmental Program [ENG]

Всемирная организация здравоохранения [RUS]

UNICEF - Youth Council [ENG]


The First HSE International Model United Nations (HSEIMUN 2018) was held in November, with more than 120 delegates from 11 countries.
December 17, 2018


Conference Secretariat: mun@hseimun.org 

HSEIMUN Coordinator: Yury Kabanov (ykabanov@hse.ru)