4th Annual IPSA - HSE Summer School for Methods of Political and Social Research

Department of Political Science and International Relations, HSE St Petersburg in association with the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research and International Political Science Association announce the 4th installment of IPSA – HSE Summer School for Methods of Political & Social Research. The School will be held online from August 9 to August 22, 2021.

4th Annual IPSA - HSE Summer School for Methods of Political and Social Research

About the School
Advancing education in social science methodology is a way to improve the quality of research that strives to understand the inner workings of society. IPSA-HSE supports this idea, and offers a series of workshops, each related to one of the cutting-edge techniques in political and social research.  

Week 1
• Basic Statistics and Reporting in R with RStudio / Anna Shirokanova, HSE – St. Petersburg
• Mixed Methods Research / Werner Patzelt, Germany
• Experimental Research in the Social Sciences / Israel Marques II, HSE – Moscow   

Week 2
• Applied Regression / Eduard Ponarin, HSE – St. Petersburg
• Bayesian Statistics / Boris Sokolov, HSE – St. Petersburg 

Advantages of IPSA - HSE School
• Teaching Excellence: We cooperate with professional instructors and experts, who have a profound experience in teaching methods, as well as applying them to their own research, published in highly ranked journals.
• Variety of Courses: This year we offer 5 courses on modern techniques of social research.
• Graded Certificates: Students may get up to 4 ECTS credits for the IPSA - HSE School. ECTS are given upon successful completion of examination procedures. Otherwise, all students receive certificates of participation (no indication of courses).
• Affordable Prices: Our mission is to provide affordable education! We offer quality courses at prices lower than most of the methodological schools in the world.
• IPSA - HSE Alumni: IPSA - HSE alumni join a vast network of IPSA Schools alumni with hundreds of students and scholars all over the world.  

The IPSA-HSE School is open to all BA, MA, and PhD students, as well as faculty members and other professionals. The School will interest anyone involved in research activities in social sciences, politics, international relations, public administration, and related areas.

Types of feeGeneral FeeDiscounted fee*
Non-refundable registration fee900 rubles900 rubles
Participation fee15900 rubles10900 rubles

*The discounted fee can be paid by the students and faculty members of the HSE and other Russian educational and research institutions, by IPSA Schools alumni, as well as by the citizens of the developing countries (according to the list: https://spb.hse.ru/mirror/pubs/share/242571054). 

Important Dates
The application deadline: May 31, 2021  

Further Info & Contacts
Website: https://spb.hse.ru/ipsa 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ipsahse 
Email: ipsa-hse@hse.ru