HSE SPb Laboratories and Research Centers accept applications for the trainee researchers

As part of the basic research support program, the Center for Youth Studies, the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research, and the International Laboratory for Social and Cognitive Informatics have opened a competition for research interns. 

1. Laboratory for Comparative Social Research 

Students and postgraduates of the Higher School of Economics can apply for the position. Based on the results of the selection, one trainee will be attracted to the Moscow and St. Petersburg branches of the Laboratory. 

Requirements for the candidate:

  • have a strong interest in social sciences (sociology, political science, economics), it is preferred to study in one of the programs in these disciplines;
  • work experience or interest in the research areas of the LCSI (primarily subjective well-being and happiness, social capital and trust, migration issues and attitudes towards migrants in society, nationalism and ethnic conflicts, political regimes);
  • strong knowledge of quantitative methods;
  • good knowledge of the English language.

Applications are accepted until March 3 at the address ascherbak@hse.ru. The application must consist of a motivation letter and a resume - both documents are in English.  

Read more: https://lcsr.hse.ru/news/444798110.html

2. The Center for Youth Studies 

The Center is looking for an intern to participate in the project "Survive Difficult Times and Save Business": Strategies for coping with the crisis of young Entrepreneurs in St. Petersburg". HSE undergraduates and postgraduates who are not participating in other PFI projects in 2021 are invited to participate. The project is run in Russian.

Requirements for the candidate: 

  • Study at the Higher School of Economics' Master's or Postgraduate degree program;
  • Knowledge of the methodology and methods of sociological research;
  • Basic experience in collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data. 

Applications in the form of a motivation letter and CV are accepted until March 1 at ykrupets@hse.ru.  

Read more: https://spb.hse.ru/soc/youth/news/444967002.html.

3. Laboratory of Social and Cognitive Informatics 

The Laboratory of Social and Cognitive Informatics has opened a vacancy for a trainee researcher in the project "Modeling of behavior and socio-psychological characteristics of individuals based on multimodal digital traces" under the guidance of Prof. Paolo Rosso and Assoc. Koltsova Elena Yurievna. 

The competition is open to HSE graduate students studying in the fields of "Sociology", "Journalism", "Linguistics", "Computer Science".

Requirements for candidates:

  • Skills in working with data in R, SPSS, and/or Stata (or similar);
  • Experience of participation in research projects;
  • Good knowledge of English (at least B1). 

Applications in the form of a resume are accepted until March 5 at avkolycheva@hse.ru 

Learn more about the position: https://scila.hse.ru/research_assistant


The Laboratory also offers the possibility of long-term and short-term internships. 

The long-term internship program is available for students of 2-4 undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses in the following specialties: programming, mathematics, economics, marketing, sociology, political science, journalism, and others. The program is designed to collaborate for most of the study year on a volunteer basis between approximately October 1 - November 1 and February 1 of each study year. To become a volunteer, you need to pass an informal interview. Resumes and short (1-2 paragraphs) motivational letters are accepted by email linis-spb@hse.ru

Short-term internships and internships are held by prior arrangement. To become an intern or intern, you need to pass an informal interview; possibly via Skype. Please send a CV and a short (1-2 paragraphs) of a motivation letter for linis-spb@hse.ru.

Learn more about the conditions of internships: https://scila.hse.ru/work