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Second Foreign Language (German)

Учебный год
Обучение ведется на английском языке
Курс по выбору
Когда читается:
2-й курс, 2-4 модуль


Программа дисциплины


The course is aimed at acquirement basic knowledge and competences of modern German language, including phonetics, graphics, normative grammar and vocabulary in the amount provided by the course. The course consists of tutorials (112 hours). Tutorials or practice run provide students with basic knowledge of phonetics, intonation, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary of modern German and focus on practical activities and exercises as well as project work. The tutorials also involve feedback on students’ written work, aimed at developing basic linguistic knowledge and practical skills of German, presenting the project results and home-reading in the written and oral forms.
Цель освоения дисциплины

Цель освоения дисциплины

  • Able to learn and demonstrate skills in the field, other than the major field
  • Able to conduct professional activities internationally
  • Student is capable of reporting the results of the information retrieval and analysis, academic or applied research she/he has conducted: - in various genres (including reviews, policy papers, reports and publications pertaining to socio-political subject matter); - and depending on the target audience
Результаты освоения дисциплины

Результаты освоения дисциплины

  • to know cardinal numbers, conjugation of the verbs in Present forms, to be able to tell a story about your family
  • to own vocabulary on the topic food, to be able to order dishes in a restaurant, to be able to shop at the grocery store.
  • to be able to describe your flat, to know vocabulary on the topic furniture, to able to rent an apartment
  • to be able to describe your day, to know conjugation of the verbs, to be able to speak about weather
  • to be able to speak in the past tense, to know and use modals
  • to be able to write simple essays on a specified topic
  • to be able to make simple dialogs on a given topic
  • to own the necessary grammar
  • to write small essays on a given topic
  • to be able to write essays on a given topic
  • to be able to support a conversation on a specified topic
  • to learn the necessary grammar rules
  • to be able to conduct a monologue on the topic
  • to have the necessary communication skills at the A1.1 level
  • to write essays using the present and past tenses
Содержание учебной дисциплины

Содержание учебной дисциплины

  • Greetings. Family
    ABC, cardinal numbers 0-10, Greetings, Conjugation of the verbs in Present forms, Meine Familie. Family (articles), Possessive pronomen, Cardinal numbers 0-20, Conjugation of the verbs in Present forms (verbs sehen, geben, nehmen etc), Description of one family member
  • Food. Meals
    Food. Meals, Purchases. Plural forms of the nouns, Food and drink. Verbs in Präsens, Negation, In a shop, In a restaurant, Dishes
  • My flat
    Rooms, Furniture. Description of a room. Search of an apartment (how to read an ad in the newspaper, abbreviations)
  • My day. Times of day
    What do I do during the day? Verbs with separable prefixes, Interrogative sentences, Conjugation of the irregular verbs with the root vowel alteration, Weather and seasons.
  • Studies and free time.
    Modals können/dürfen, wollen/möchte, müssen/sollen und mögen, Perfect forms, How I learn a foreign language?
Элементы контроля

Элементы контроля

  • неблокирующий Created with Sketch. Written Assignments (Essay, Test/Quiz, Written Exam, etc.)
  • неблокирующий Created with Sketch. Reading for seminars / tutorials (lecture materials, mandatory and optional resources)
  • неблокирующий Created with Sketch. Assignments for seminars
  • неблокирующий Created with Sketch. Project work
  • неблокирующий Created with Sketch. Modul Test
  • неблокирующий Created with Sketch. Final Test (Exam)
  • неблокирующий Created with Sketch. Oral answer (exam, monologue, dialogue)
Промежуточная аттестация

Промежуточная аттестация

  • Промежуточная аттестация (4 модуль)
    0.6 * Assignments for seminars + 0.2 * Final Test (Exam) + 0.2 * Oral answer (exam, monologue, dialogue)
Список литературы

Список литературы

Рекомендуемая основная литература

  • Катаева А. Г., Катаев С. Д., Гандельман В. А.-НЕМЕЦКИЙ ЯЗЫК ДЛЯ ГУМАНИТАРНЫХ СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЕЙ + АУДИО В ЭБС 4-е изд., пер. и доп. Учебник и практикум для СПО-М.:Издательство Юрайт,2019-269-Профессиональное образование-978-5-534-01147-0: -Текст электронный // ЭБС Юрайт - https://biblio-online.ru/book/nemeckiy-yazyk-dlya-gumanitarnyh-specialnostey-audio-v-ebs-433308

Рекомендуемая дополнительная литература

  • Катаева А. Г., Катаев С. Д., Гандельман В. А.-НЕМЕЦКИЙ ЯЗЫК ДЛЯ ГУМАНИТАРНЫХ ВУЗОВ + АУДИОМАТЕРИАЛЫ В ЭБС 4-е изд., пер. и доп. Учебник и практикум для академического бакалавриата-М.:Издательство Юрайт,2019-269-Бакалавр. Академический курс-978-5-534-01265-1: -Текст электронный // ЭБС Юрайт - https://biblio-online.ru/book/nemeckiy-yazyk-dlya-gumanitarnyh-vuzov-audiomaterialy-v-ebs-431924