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Second Foreign Language (German)

Учебный год
Обучение ведется на английском языке
Курс по выбору
Когда читается:
3-й курс, 1-4 модуль


Программа дисциплины


The course is aimed at acquirement basic knowledge and competences of modern German language, including phonetics, graphics, normative grammar and vocabulary in the amount provided by the course. The course consists of tutorials (112 hours). Tutorials or practice run provide students with basic knowledge of phonetics, intonation, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary of modern German and focus on practical activities and exercises as well as project work. The tutorials also involve feedback on students’ written work, aimed at developing basic linguistic knowledge and practical skills of German, presenting the project results and home-reading in the written and oral forms.
Цель освоения дисциплины

Цель освоения дисциплины

  • Able to meet communication goals and fit the communicative context
  • Able to conduct professional activities internationally
  • To have skills of writing and grammar that allow to understand the basic language materials concerning everyday life and teaching/learning environment
  • To have skills of conducting conversation and dialogue in German language in typical situations in the amount provided by this course
  • To be able to read and comprehend the key ideas of the texts in German in the scope provided by the course
Результаты освоения дисциплины

Результаты освоения дисциплины

  • to be able to explain and to ask how to get to university, to know types of transport, prepositions and directions.
  • to be able to make dialog, to answer some question.
  • to be able to use Imperative.
  • to know body parts and types of diseases
  • to be able to use modals and to give recommendations to patients.
  • to be able to describe the disease and symptoms and to give some recommendations
  • to be able to explain the point of view using sentences with denn/weil
  • to know types of сlothes and to be able to explain what do you like to wear using pronouns der/die/das; dies- and article welch-/ was für ein-?
  • to able to explain what clothes are better using comparisons of adjectives/adverbs
  • to be able to make dialog in the shop and to buy some clothes
  • to be able to talk about the holidays in Germany and Russia
  • to be able to use ordinal numbers and personal pronouns in accusative/dative
  • to be able to compose a monological statement on the topic My favourite holiday
  • to be able to talk about plans for the weekend
  • to be able to use conditionals, wenn-sentences, sentences with trotzdem/obwohl/deshalb
  • to be able to talk about study in Germany using sentences with damit or um + zu + infinitive.
  • to be able to talk about travelling, booking a hotel using declension of the adjectives with no articles.
  • to be able to plan a trip, where to go and why
  • to be able to describe My dream country using Genitive with nouns.
  • to be able to talk about sport and fitness using reflexive verbs
  • to be able to use verbs with prepositions, to make suggestions and ask questions (Worauf/darauf).
  • to be able to use Passive voice and to talk about sport and to answer why is sport so important
Содержание учебной дисциплины

Содержание учебной дисциплины

  • In the city
    Buildings, Directions, Imperative, Spatial prepositions and adverbs, Nouns on Dativ, Prepositions and adverbs of place and direction, Transport, Types of transport, How I’m getting to work /university
  • Health. Body parts
    Types of diseases, Modals müssen/sollen/dürfen, Visiting a doctor, Prepositions denn, weil, dass und deshalb. Word order in such sentences, What should I do to be healthy?
  • Clothes and Fashion
    Types of сlothes, What do you like to wear? Comparisons of adjectives/adverbs, The dative case of pronouns. Verbs gefallen, passen, stehen + Dativ, Buying clothes in the store.
  • Holidays.
    When is Christmas celebrated in Germany and when in Russia? Ordinal numbers in nominative/accusative and dative. My favorite holiday in Russia. How, where and with whom. Gifts for birthday. Personal pronouns in accusative/dative.
  • On the Weekends
    Conditionals (Konjunktiv II), modals könnte, dürfte, sollte. Wenn-sentences. Surreal desire. Why do I want to study in Germany? Infinitive with or without zu. Sentences with damit or um + zu + infinitive.
  • Travelling
    Booking a hotel. Declension of the adjectives with no articles. Genitive with nouns. Trip planning. Where to go and why. Adjectives with no articles.
  • Sport and Fitness.
    Reflexive verbs. What do I do to be fit? Verbs with prepositions. Question words and pronominal adverbs Worauf/darauf. Passive. wird/wurde + Partizip II.
Элементы контроля

Элементы контроля

  • неблокирующий Created with Sketch. Assignments for seminars
  • неблокирующий Created with Sketch. Project work
  • неблокирующий Created with Sketch. Reading for seminars / tutorials (lecture materials, mandatory and optional resources)
  • неблокирующий Created with Sketch. Modul Test
  • неблокирующий Created with Sketch. Written Assignments (Essay)
  • неблокирующий Created with Sketch. Oral Assignments Exam
  • неблокирующий Created with Sketch. Final Test
Промежуточная аттестация

Промежуточная аттестация

  • Промежуточная аттестация (4 модуль)
    0.6 * Assignments for seminars + 0.2 * Final Test + 0.2 * Oral Assignments Exam
Список литературы

Список литературы

Рекомендуемая основная литература

  • Катаева А. Г., Катаев С. Д., Гандельман В. А.-НЕМЕЦКИЙ ЯЗЫК ДЛЯ ГУМАНИТАРНЫХ СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЕЙ + АУДИО В ЭБС 4-е изд., пер. и доп. Учебник и практикум для СПО-М.:Издательство Юрайт,2019-269-Профессиональное образование-978-5-534-01147-0: -Текст электронный // ЭБС Юрайт - https://biblio-online.ru/book/nemeckiy-yazyk-dlya-gumanitarnyh-specialnostey-audio-v-ebs-433308

Рекомендуемая дополнительная литература

  • Катаева А. Г., Катаев С. Д., Гандельман В. А.-НЕМЕЦКИЙ ЯЗЫК ДЛЯ ГУМАНИТАРНЫХ ВУЗОВ + АУДИОМАТЕРИАЛЫ В ЭБС 4-е изд., пер. и доп. Учебник и практикум для академического бакалавриата-М.:Издательство Юрайт,2019-269-Бакалавр. Академический курс-978-5-534-01265-1: -Текст электронный // ЭБС Юрайт - https://biblio-online.ru/book/nemeckiy-yazyk-dlya-gumanitarnyh-vuzov-audiomaterialy-v-ebs-431924