HSE Lecturers Took Part in the Conference in France

On March 16-20 Mikhail Antonov, Associate Professor at the Department of Theory and History of Law and State and Sergei Akopov, Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science delivered a series of lectures in English and French on legal and political system of the Russian Federation during the conference orgaznised by HSE partner university Science Po Aix-en-Provence.

On March 19 during the conference dedicated to the rights of  minorities and indigenous peoples they also presented reports in French: ‘Les restrictions juridiques des droits des minorités en vue du principe de souveraineté’ and ‘Minorités nationales et identités transnationales en Fédération de Russie’.

The researchers also discussed further cooperation with the administration of Science Po University. Soon French students will come to the International Summer School in Russian Studies: Identity and Political Culture organized by HSE in Saint Petersburg. And in October 17-19 Professor Laurent Sermet will take part in the conference organized by HSE Department of Political Science.