Came to Make a Difference

Yesuigen Tsogjavkhlan, a student from Mongolia, reflects on her experience of being a foreign student majoring in Public Policy and Analytics at HSE.

The Skill of Public Speaking for Study and Life

Why public speaking is so important in our lives and how to prepare for it.

A Thai Student in Russia

Pat Mameesuk, a Master student at HSE, talks about his life, study, travels and expressions in Russia.

11 Skills Needed to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is really a long-term challenge for young people, and not all students are suitable for this difficult route. A guide by Thao Pham.

My Amazing Trip to Murmansk

Murmansk, a city located in the far northwest of Russia, is a place of stunning natural beauty and fascinating history. Hai Ngoc Le on her trip to this place during the New Year vacation.

This article is aimed at informing students about the possibilities of volunteering in St. Petersburg as extracurricular activities for further use in resume and everyday life.
May 24
Thuong Cao - a Vietnamese girl in her third year, shares her challenges in HSE’s one of the most difficult majors.
May 22
Spring is a beautiful time to visit Moscow. The weather is mild, the days are long, and the city comes alive with flowers. 
May 17
Coming to Moscow, Russia in 2022 Youcef Rouag shares his first impressions.
May 15
A trip to the Russian Academy of Science and INION RAN's Fundamental Library, highlighting the importance of these institutions in building a strong foundation for a career. The trip provided students with opportunities for practical experience, internships, and dissertation planning.
May 12
HSE's multilingualism initiative promotes learning foreign languages to improve employability, cognitive skills, and foster intercultural understanding for students, benefiting the university as a whole.
May 10
This article is aimed at informing foreign students about the best cities to visit for the purposes of getting acquainted with Russian culture.
May 05
Every year, from April to November, visitors can witness the opening of the bridge in St. Petersburg. This time, Chen Sifan recorded the opening process of one of the bridges on video and shared it with everyone.
April 28
There're difficult times for all students. Akabueze Daniel shares he managed to overcome them.
April 26

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Events, exhibitions, concerts, best places to have fun, rest or study out of home/uni, etc. in St.Petersburg

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