Came to Make a Difference

Yesuigen Tsogjavkhlan, a student from Mongolia, reflects on her experience of being a foreign student majoring in Public Policy and Analytics at HSE.

The Skill of Public Speaking for Study and Life

Why public speaking is so important in our lives and how to prepare for it.

A Thai Student in Russia

Pat Mameesuk, a Master student at HSE, talks about his life, study, travels and expressions in Russia.

11 Skills Needed to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is really a long-term challenge for young people, and not all students are suitable for this difficult route. A guide by Thao Pham.

My Amazing Trip to Murmansk

Murmansk, a city located in the far northwest of Russia, is a place of stunning natural beauty and fascinating history. Hai Ngoc Le on her trip to this place during the New Year vacation.

Every morning, as international students make their way to the Study Office, there are a few friendly faces ready to greet them by their names, know their tracks, and even are aware of their schedules. 
May 14
Louis Rossier invites you to visit Republic of Karelia.
May 13
From viewing movies nonstop to getting a scholarship to study for my master's degree in Russia, my story exemplifies tenacity, fortitude, and the revolutionary power of technology.
May 08
Two Italian students about to finish their studies at HSE open up about their experience in Russia.
April 25
International students of HSE Moscow campus share their experiences of living in a foreign city.
April 23
Flor Juan Pablo, student in Contemporary Jouralism from Bolivia shares his life and study at HSE.
April 22
An Interview with Muhammad Sarim Jalal, President of CISA at Higher School of Economics.
April 11
HSE University in the picturesque city of St. Petersburg, is an institution that actively promotes and encourages international mobility among its students. This is your golden ticket to a myriad of cultures, diverse educational systems, and a treasure trove of transformative, unforgettable experiences.
April 03
The Russian language preparatory exam is an extremely important exam for international students at HSE. Some of Huong Dang's experience will help you better understand this exam and pass it easily.
March 06

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