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Regular version of the site

HSE Illuminated Authors Talk about the Magazine

Liubov Zaytseva interviews the authors of the magazine from all over the world on their writing experience.

Erasmus Student Network (ESN): Students Speak

We talk to the managers of ESN HSE and international students who have experienced this organization on themselves.

Who Are the International Ambassadors of HSE?

Interviews with the project manager and participants.

Conversation with Liudmila Veselova

Let’s learn a little bit about the person who makes a study process at Master's Degree Programme interesting and helps students to make their first steps in their career.

Interview with Magdalena Gaete, An Expert in University Management and Reputation

About reputation management, different academic cultures and building successful careers.

Reflecting Remote Studying

Ha Nguyen and Van Ly Vu organized a panel discussion on remote studying with international students of HSE.

Interview with Vitaly Sochnov and Yulia Dolgina

A conversation with the people in charge of aiding international students at HSE.

Interview with Ekaterina, Vice President of the ESN HSE SPb

Ekaterina Gryaznova talks about her interests, her view on HSE with positive and negative points, and her suggestions for future students.

From Italy To Moscow

Adina Pagliaccia speaks about her oriental studies and the reason she arrived in Russia from Italy.

Fantastic Doctorates And Where To Find Them

A short guide to the world of doctoral degrees.

Study Abroad: Tips & Tricks From A “Veteran”

Recommendations to keep in mind while applying to study abroad by Mustafa Serdar Karakaya.

The Multimedia Art Museum Moscow is dedicated to the presentation and development of actual art related to new multimedia technologies.
October 18
Let's travel to Asia without leaving Saint-Petersburg with Vlada Pivovarchuk.
July 22
To live longer it is important not only to do physical activity, eat healthy food and have a good sleep, but also significant to have your own Ikigai. Let's figure out what does it mean with Vlada Pivovarchuk.
July 19
Travel guide to the country open for Russian tourists by Liubov Zaytseva.
July 14
Ha Nguen interviews a Vietnamese student, who is to start his masters in Law at HSE this year.
July 08
The event was held on June 10. It's organized by the HSE Business Incubator (HSE Inc).
July 08
The quest is created by the HSE student organization “Privet from Moscow” («ПривѢтъ изъ Москвы») for whose who is interested in history, entrepreneurship, patronage and charity.
June 21
What sounds more adventurous and fun than sailing on a yacht in Saint-Petersburg on a sunny summer day?
June 16
The main topic of the summer school will be digital accessibility of cultural institutions.
June 10
According to the results of the prestigious world educational ranking QS-2021, published on March 4, HSE has improved its position: it entered the top 150 world universities in the subject area "Art and Design" and became the only Russian university represented in this category.
June 08
Representatives of Association of International Students HSE SPb talk about the association and their plans for the future.
May 28
Liubov Zaytseva interviews the authors of the magazine from all over the world on their writing experience.
May 26
The organization “Green Vyshka” invites you to take part in the educational project “Virtual Botanist” from the Digital Herbarium of Moscow State University and the Department of Ecology and Geography of Plants of Moscow State University.
May 21
An interview with current World Economy graduates about their experience in Media Communications Programme at HSE.
May 19

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Student life: events, meetings and clubs in HSE
Personal stories and interviews with students, graduates, professors and interesting people of the city
Solutions and advices by students of HSE
Events, exhibitions, concerts, best places to have fun, rest or study out of home/uni, etc. in Moscow
Events, exhibitions, concerts, best places to have fun, rest or study out of home/uni, etc. in St.Petersburg

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Ekaterina Ershova

PhD in Linguistics, Coordinator of "Sociology and Social Informatics" Programme

Arkadii Naboka

PhD in Political Science, Deputy Dean of St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Area Studies


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