Came to Make a Difference

Yesuigen Tsogjavkhlan, a student from Mongolia, reflects on her experience of being a foreign student majoring in Public Policy and Analytics at HSE.

The Skill of Public Speaking for Study and Life

Why public speaking is so important in our lives and how to prepare for it.

A Thai Student in Russia

Pat Mameesuk, a Master student at HSE, talks about his life, study, travels and expressions in Russia.

11 Skills Needed to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is really a long-term challenge for young people, and not all students are suitable for this difficult route. A guide by Thao Pham.

My Amazing Trip to Murmansk

Murmansk, a city located in the far northwest of Russia, is a place of stunning natural beauty and fascinating history. Hai Ngoc Le on her trip to this place during the New Year vacation.

The Altai Mountains hold a special place in my heart because traveling to this region is our family summer tradition. 
December 08
We can learn anywhere, anytime, even in our discomforts. HSE University Gym, taught me what I didn't learn inside the classroom.
December 01
I am fascinated by people, their way of life, and their motivation. While you may not see me at the biggest parties or student events, the lives of my classmates are interesting to me.
November 29
Street playing is also a way to express freedom and the right to use public space. Artists display their talents and share their music and art in public spaces, which not only enriches the cultural life of the city, but also demonstrates the city's cultural diversity and tolerance.
November 22
Looking for a unique and fun way to explore religion and philosophy? Welcome to Annenkirche!
November 08
Chen Liu shares why it is important to learn the langage of the country you plan to study.
October 18
When you're abroad, you begin to evolve and to develop some aspect of your life. Summer reflection is the best tool Daniel used.
October 11
As the summer of 2023 was winding up with its beauty - the sunshine that sometimes burn your skin, the white nights, scanty dormitory, green grasses, freshly warm breeze, trees with leaves, and resumption was beginning to stare at me reminding them that I am growing older, a bit older than I expected, and that I need to finish my degree and head on to the next chapter of my life. I had few concerns about certain things.
October 05
Discover the enchanting world of theater at HSE University through the eyes of a passionate student.
October 02

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