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Russia-Africa for Peace, Security and Development

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Narratives in School History Textbooks: An East African Perspective

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Book chapter
RuCoLA: Russian Corpus of Linguistic Acceptability

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Working paper
Consensus or Constitution? - A Conceptual Perspective on the Legitimacy of Constitutional Courts in Consociations

Gál A.

OxonCourts Judicial Studies Graduate Colloquium. OxonCourts Judicial Studies Graduate Colloquium. University of Oxford, 2019

We invite you to take part in the cycle of regional round tables “Knowledge of politics: how to get and where to apply?”

From September 27 to October 12, 2019, the RPSA (Russian Political Science Association) Council of Young Political Scientists conducts a series of regional round tables related to one topic: “Knowledge of politics: how to get it and where to apply it?”.
Round tables will be held in 20 cities of Russia:

27/09/2019 Voronezh

05/10/2019 Tyumen

28/09/2019 Kazan

05/10/2019 Kaliningrad

28/09/2019 Tver

07/10/2019 Ulan-Ude

28/09/2019 Tula

08/10/2019 Tomsk

30/09/2019 Ivanovo

09/10/2019 Kemerovo

30/09/2019, Oryol

11/10/2019 Barnaul

01/10/2019 Astrakhan

12/10/2019 Belgorod

02/10/2019 St. Petersburg

12/10/2019 Irkutsk

03/10/2019 Chelyabinsk

12/10/2019 Yaroslavl

05/10/2019 Rostov-on-Don

12/10/2019 Perm

The purpose of the events is to show the diversity of opinions, meanings of the concept of “knowledge of politics” from the recipients or owners of such special knowledge in different regions of Russia.

Three main issues for discussion:

  • Sources of information and information processing methods that contribute to the formation of knowledge about politics;
  • Young political scientist in the professional community: problems and opportunities for obtaining / sharing new knowledge;
  • Professional perspectives of applying specialized knowledge in politics.

Students, undergraduates, graduate students, young scientists, teachers, experts, representatives of the professional community, as well as specialists whose activities are related to politics, are invited to participate.

Participation involves two formats: as a listener and a speaker. Please fill out the general registration form by September 20, 2019.


- register using the link;

- attach abstracts of your speech;

- get the details of the organization of the round table in your region by September 25th.

Based on the results of the cycle of regional round tables, a collection of materials (RSCI)  will also be created.

Additional information is available on the website of the RPSA, SMP RPSA, as well as in the official community and project group in VK. For all organizational matters, please contact smp@rapn.ru.

Contact person: executive secretary of the SMP RPSA Polina Kopylova (contact tel .: 89639268646).

We are waiting for you at the round tables!