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Regular version of the site

Information for first-year students

Student ID and Electronic Student Pass

- details are to be communicated by Study office by email

Learning Management System (LMS) and SmartLMS


You can find the schedule:

HSE Academic Handbook

Corporate Email 


Video on Library Services and Facilities

Student Travel Pass

Students can first get a temporary Student Travel Pass (BSK «Course”/Smart card “Course” without a photo), which can be used while your permanent student travel pass (BSK/individual smart card with a photo) is being issued. Its price is 80 rub. 

Please note that you can get a BSK “Course” card only after your personal details have been added into the metro database.

You can order a personal Student Travel Pass at any metro station or on this site (only  in Russian). Its price is 250 rub.

 - you must have a passport and a Student ID card;
 - you must have a printed photo 3*4 cm;
 - you can get your pass at the station you ordered it only; 
 - pass production time is 10 days

HSE St. Petersburg Student Handbook

To find answers to many questions about studies at HSE SPb and beyond we highly recommend you to check out Student Handbook that was specially designed for first-year HSE SPb students.

Aknowledgment with Charter and Key Internal Bylaws of HSE University

Students must either sign a Acknowledgment Form for HSE University’s Charter and Key Internal Bylaws in person in the Study office or send it by email to the Study office. 

Russian version: Лист ознакомления с ЛНА

Guide for HSE Students from Student Council
HSE Student Council Quality of Education Committee prepared a guide for you with main excerpts from the most important HSE local documents: 
Guide for HSE students from Student Council