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Programme structure



First Year

Second Year



1st semester

2nd semester

1st (3rd) semester

2nd (4th) semester

Adaptive courses

Instrumental Methods of Economic Analysis

Economic Theory





Core courses


Advanced Microeconomics (6 ECTS)

Mathematical Economics (6 ECTS)





Advanced Macroeconomics (6 ECTS)

Advanced Econometrics (6 ECTS)





Game Theory and Decision Making (6 ECTS)

Models of Economic Growth, Development and Transition (5 ECTS)




Research Seminar "Application of Mathematical Methods in Economic Analysis" (17 ECTS)



1st Year Research Paper (6 ECTS)







Science and Research Internship (12 ECTS))





Preparation and Defense of Master Thesis (24 ECTS)

Elective Courses



2 courses from:

Spatial Economy (4 ECTS)

Economics of Health and Public Policy (3 ECTS)

Quantitative Finance (4 ECTS)






5 courses from:

International Finance (3 ECTS)

Applied Econometrics of Panel- and Qualitative Data (4 ECTS)

Regional Economy (3 ECTS)

International Trade (3 ECTS)

Time Series Analysis (3 ECTS)

Mathematical Models of Revenue Management (3 ECTS)

Modeling in Demography (3 ECTS)

Public Economics (3 ECTS)




Optional Discipline from another Programme (3 ECTS)