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Centre for Historical Research

Ukrainian vs. Russian? The Securitization of Language-Related Issues in Ukrainian Blogs and on News Websites.

Maksimovtsova K.

East European Politics and Societies. 2019. P. 1-25.

Book chapter
Imageries and historical change in the European Russian Arctic

Eklund N., Lajus J., Borovoy V. et al.

In bk.: The Politics of Arctic Resources. Change and Continuity in the "Old North" of Northern Europe. Routledge, 2019. Ch. 11. P. 200-220.

Events of the Center for Historical Research

Please note the forthcoming events of the Centre for Historical Research.

The workshop will be supported by the Frederick Paulsen Foundation. Within the framework of the seminar program, the London School of Economics and the National Research University Higher School of Economics will be able to bring together the most promising young historians of Imperial Russia.
November 02
On September 5, the first seminar in this academic year, “The Shifting Identities of Russian Repatriates from China Before and After the Collapse of the Soviet Union,” was held as part of the “Boundaries of History” program. Laurie Manchester from Arizona State University, USA, spoke to students and professors.
September 09
On May 30, 2019, at the seminar of the "Boundaries of history" prof. Dr. Susanne Schattenberg presented a report: “Leonid Brezhnev: The greatness and tragedy of man and the country ”, dedicated to the recently published book of hers. All her scientific works have been translated and published in Russian. At the University of Bremen, Susanne Schattenberg leads the Research Centre for East European, with which St. Petersburg Department of History has already established close scientific cooperation. In his opening remarks, the head of the department A.M. Semenov stressed that this research raises an important and rare topic about the boundary between history and non-history, the past and the modern. The lecture is devoted to the part of the 20th century that resonates current political situation.
July 22
Online newspaper «Expert Online» has published the interview with Alexander Semyonov, Director of the Centre for Historical Research and Head of the Depatment of History.
July 12
The Center for Historical Research co-organized with the Journal Ab Imperio and Tyumen State University a summer school “Russian Empire/Soviet Union through the Lens of Global and New Imperial Histories”
July 01
On June 13, 2019 Department of History and the Center for Historical Research at the HSE in St Petersburg had a session of the “Boundaries of History” research seminar where Dr. Sabine Dullin, Professor in Contemporary History at Sciences Po (Institut d’études politiques) and the author of the book “Men of Influence: Stalin's Diplomats in Europe, 1930-1939” presented the talk “Soviet Borders as thickening zones. The political imagination and practices of an old but new state (1917-1940)”.
June 25
On June 3-4, 2019 at Helsinki was held a conference "Versailles and Rights: A Centenary Appraisal" organized in frames of the research project "Post-imperial diversities: Majority-minority relations in the transition from empires to nation-states" together with the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.
June 20
The study of professor Marzec and his colleagues is unique in its interdisciplinary approach, seeking to stretch the bridge between historians, cultural scientists and sociologists. The book “From Cotton Smoke: Lodz – Industrial City and Discourses of Asynchronous Modernity, 1897-1994”  is a tangible contribution to urban research and the study of modernity.
On April 9, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and Center for Historical Research held a seminar on the history of understanding two dictatorships: the Nazi and the dictatorship of the SED. 
April 21
On February 12-13, Heidelberg hosted the conference “Parliaments and Political Transformations in Europe and Asia: Diversity and Representation in the 20th and 21st Century”, supported by the EuParl.Net network. (part of which is the Center for Historical Research in St. Petersburg). The workshop, which is part of the project “Entangled Parliamentarisms: Constitutional Practices in Russia, Ukraine, China and Mongolia, 1905 - 2005,” was devoted to the exploring the role of parliaments in Eastern Europe and East Asia. 
March 10
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