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Centre for Historical Research

Early Career Environmental Historians for a Sustainable Academia

Biasillo R., Hameeteman E., Kochetkova E. et al.

Environment and History. 2020. Vol. 26. No. 4. P. 617-621.

Book chapter
Fisheries of the eastern coast of the Azov Sea in the late 18th – 19th century – Organization, infrastructure and everyday life

Kraikovski A.

In bk.: Between Grain and Oil from the Azov to Caucasus: The port-cities of the eastern coast of the Black Sea, late 18th – early 20th centuries. Vol. 3. Centre of Maritime History, Institute for Mediterranean Studies – Foundation of Research and Technology, 2020. Ch. 6. P. 139-163.

Working paper
The Oldest Notarial Documents Of Vicenza District, 1380 – 1465, With The Regestae Of The Documents, From The Collection Of N.P. Likhachev

Khvalkov E., Агеева Д. А., Shkil M. et al.

Basic research program. WP BRP. National Research University Higher School of Economics, 2019. No. WP BRP 184/HUM/2019.

EuropeDebate provides a platform for a dialogue among historians about European history’s contributions to understanding the past and the present. Now Alexander Semyonov's article "Provincializing Europe, De-centering Europe, Hybridizing Europe" is available on the platform.
November 10
Since September 2020, Center for Historical Research has new research fellows who have been recruited for postdoctoral positions in framework of the postdoctoral programs of HSE: Nadezhda Tikhonova, Candidate of Sciences in History of Asian and African countries, and Xenia Cherkaev, PhD in Anthropology.
September 22
HSE implements a program of Russian postdocs. Ksenia Maksimovtsova shares her experience of participation in the program.
July 09
Articles have been prepared as part of the "Post-Imperial Diversity" project which is being implemented in 2018-2020 as part of a fundamental research competition conducted by the RFBR in the Era.net RUS Plus Research Program in a research consortium with the Karelian Institute of the University of Eastern Finland and the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity of the University of Goettingen, Germany
April 11
The Center for Historical Research of the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg, Russia, invites applications for two postdoctoral research positions within the current projects of the Center: “Post-imperial diversities: Majority-minority relations in the transition from empires to nation-states” and “Transformation of Regimes of Governing Diversity: Subjecthood Discourses and Practices in the Russian Empire.” Only candidates with Russian citizenship are eligible.
March 18
The workshop will be supported by the Frederick Paulsen Foundation. Within the framework of the conference program, the London School of Economics and the Center for Historical Research of the National Research University Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg will be able to bring together the most promising young and recognized scholars of Imperial Russia.
March 15
Ksenia Maksimovtsova, a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre, presented her book "Language Conflicts in Contemporary Estonia, Latvia, and Ukraine. A Comparative Exploration of Discourses in Post-Soviet Russian-Language Digital Media" in Germany and Latvia
March 07
On February 20, 2020, Oleg Kharkhordin, professor of the European University in Saint Petersburg and Director of the "Res Publica" center, spoke at the seminar "Boundaries of history".
March 02
The summer school of the HSE’s Department of History, St. Petersburg, with the support of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, was held for the fifth time this year and attracted an international group of students from Germany and the USA to participate.
October 18, 2019
On September 26, 2019, in frames of the seminar “Boundaries of History” Igal Halfin presented his report entitled “Bolshevik Love”. At the University of Tel Aviv (Israel) professor Halfin teaches Russian and European history, his scientific interests include early Soviet history, political philosophy, Marxism, the theory of psychoanalysis and etc. In his latest, but not yet finished book, Igal Halfin explores the political language of Communist Party cells (партячейки) of Leningrad and Tomsk Institutes in 1920s-30s and his main task is to reproduce semantic, ritual structure of the party life of these years.
September 26, 2019
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