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About the Center for Historical Research

Center for Historical Research was founded in 2012.

The Center's goal is to systematically develop methodology and approaches for global, comparative, and transnational history in various fields of historical research. Key research topics for the Center are: opportunities and potentialities of historical research across the boundaries of national history and beyond the research agenda of national historiographic canon; the history of diversity and the politics of difference; the porous boundaries between the discipline of history and adjacent fields of social sciences and potentialities of the cross-disciplinary research agenda-setting; the imagined boundary between the past and the present and the relevance of historical knowledge for contemporary and future-oriented public and expert debate in modern societies.

Fields of research:

  • The Russian Empire and the Soviet Union
  • Comparative history of empire, colonialism, and nationalism
  • Environmental and technological history
  • Social and cultural history of borders and borderlands
  • Intellectual history and history of science
  • History and anthropology of religion
  • History of Parliamentarism and Constitutionalism in Russian and Eurasian History
  • Historical Geography, digital humanities, and GIS

Since its Foundation in 2012, the Center for historical research has been an organizational platform for a wide range of fundamental research projects on Russian and world history, supported by leading international organizations and specialists.

The Center conducts a number of research projects, including several major international projects:

Since the beginning the Center hosts a regular research seminar “Boundaries of History”. The main strategic partners in organizing the seminars are German Historical Institute Moscow, Norwegian University Center in St. Petersburg and the Netherlands Institute in St. Petersburg. Research staff of the Center can use the archive of audio recordings from the discussions of the seminar.

In 2015 with the generous support of the Carmel Institute of Russian Culture and History at American University in Washington the Richard Stites Memorial Historical Library was opened at the Center. The library is named after Richard Stites, who was a historian of Russian culture and professor of history at Georgetown University. The collection includes more than 1,600 books on history, social and human sciences, as well as fundamental works in all historical fields. 

In 2017 with the support of the German Research Foundation and active assistance of associate professor of the Department of History Dietmar Wulff the opening of the German part of the Richard Stites Library took place. The library contains more than 150 books. In the same year the library got a collection of rare journals on Eastern European history and the archive of the journal "Ab Imperio: Studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in the Post-Soviet Space" for 2000-2017. This collection development is a gift to the library of Richard Stites from co-editors of Ab Imperio Ilya Gerasimov and Marina Mogilner. Researchers at the Center can use the library's resources for their work.

Since July 2017 the Center for Historical Research has been an institutional partner of the European Information and Research Network on Parliament History, being the only member of the Association representing Russia. The Center's strategic partners include major research institutions in Russia, Europe and the United States.

The Center has a program for International Associate Research Fellows. In the period from 2012-2020, the Center has hosted more than 20 researchers, giving them access to research resources and the opportunity to participate in research seminars and conferences of the Center.

Since 2014 the Center for Historical Research has been participating in the HSE Postdoctoral Fellowship program (you can find out about international postdoctoral fellowships accepted under the program here) and in the program for attracting Russian postdocs.

The Center conducts a number of conferences, seminars and research summer schools for students and postgraduates of the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg together with the Department of History, Russian and foreign partners (Tyumen State University, Ab Imperio Quarterly, University of Bremen, Free University of Berlin, Humboldt University of Berlin). The Center participates in the implementation of the joint postgraduate program of the Department of History and the University of Turin “Global History of Empires”.

In 2016 the Center for historical research got a new division – the Laboratory of environmental and technological history, which aims to conduct research in the rapidly developing areas of historical knowledge – environmental and technological history.

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