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Printing and Copying Services

In each building of HSE St. Petersburg you can find multifunctional printers “Xerox”. 
You can use them for copying and printing.
This is a fee-paying service.

Where can I find printing machines?

  • 123 Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboedova, 1st floor (Library)
  • 3 Kantemirovskaya street, 4th floor
  • 55 Sedova street, 1st floor
  • 17 Promyshlennaya street, 4th floor
  • 16 Soyuza Pechatnikov street, 2nd floor

How much does it cost?

  • one A4 sheet – 3 rubles
  • one A3 sheet – 5 rubles

How can I get access?

Step 1.

Get your entrance card to the university (“propusk”)

Step 2.

Go to the university library and make sure you are added to the printing service system.
In any university library you can address a librarian who will check your “Virtual Printer” system and will explain you how to register your card in the printing system.
The libraries are located in each university building. 
Please mind the working hours of the libraries.

Step 3.

Fill your balance.
Deposits to your printing account can be made online via https://pay.hse.ru/en/spb/other 
Before uploading money there, please, visit Library to make sure that you are in the system.