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Summary of Degree Programme

Field of Studies

38.03.02 Management

Approved by
Order №, 30.07.2014
Last Update
Saint Petersburg school of Economics and management faculty Council meeting Protocol No. dated may 28, 2020
Network Programme


Length of Studies, Mode of Studies, Credit Load

4 years

Full-time, 240

Language of instruction


Instruction in Russian with some courses in English

Qualification upon graduation


Double-degree Programme


Use of online learning

With online tools

Competitive Advantages

●     Effective combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills

●     Realisation of project activities and the development of research-based projects

●     Participation in professional competitions and research projects

●     Two focuses – international business and business analytics

●     Teaching in English

●     Internships in international companies

●     The possibility to participate in academic mobility for at least one semester at one of HSE’s partner universities or at HSE’s campus in Moscow

Professional Activities and Competencies of Programme Graduates

The professional competencies formulated in the passport of this educational programme are specific for the graduates of this programme. Professional competencies are defined on the basis of professional standards corresponding to the professional activity of graduates and of an analysis of the requirements of the labour market, as determined from foreign experience and from consultations with leading employers from industries that are relevant for graduates from the programme.

Upon completing this programme, graduates will have both universal competencies (as defined in part 1 of the educational standards) and professional competencies (as defined in the sections of the educational standards for the direction of the programme).

Combined, all of the universal competencies and professional competencies (PC) that graduates of the programme will have will ensure the ability of graduates to conduct tasks and assignments in at least one of the areas of professional activity stated in the educational standards.


Professional competencies (planned results upon completing the programme)

Code of the competency


Name of the competency


The ability to manage under conditions of globalisation organisations that have operations on international markets


The ability to identify data necessary to make managerial and business decisions; to collect and process data; to analyse the results of calculations and make conclusions in relation to a stated task


The ability to analyse statistical and financial reports with the objective of defining the competitive forms of international business and making quantitative forecasts for global markets


The ability to construct models for the behaviour of business in global markets and to develop recommendations for managing risks when conducting international economic activity


The ability to participate in international negotiations; to understand, to analyse, and to evaluate oral and written information in a foreign language for issues related to commercial, economic, and investment cooperation


Area of professional activity (code from the register of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation)

Type of professional activity


Code of professional competency

07 Administrative-managerial and office activity

08 Finance and economics


PC-1, PC-4, PC-5


PC-2, PC-3, PC-4


PC-1, PC-2, PC-3, PC-4

Programme Modules


Minimum number of credits

Characteristics of the module

1.     Major


Basic professional (Major)


Required courses:

1.     Macroeconomics

2.     Microeconomics

3.     Mathematics

4.     Probability theory and mathematical statistics

5.     Economic statistics

6.     Accounting

7.     Project management and investment analysis

8.     Ethics of business

9.     Management

10.     Risk-management

11.     Game theory and decision-making

12.     Business communications

13.     Marketing

14.     Entrepreneurship

15.     Human-resource management

16.     Strategic management

Supplementals to the professional module (Major)


Required courses:

1.     Corporate finance

2.     Operations management

3.     Managerial economics

4.     Innovation management

5.     Global business environment

6.     Business law

7.     Econometrics I

8.     Econometrics II

9.     World politics and international relations

10.     Consumer behavior

11.     New business models and planning

12.     Analytical communications

13.     International Financial Reporting Standards

14.     Corporate governance

15.     Professional seminar

16.     Research seminar

2.      Internships





Applied internship






Term paper


Bachelor’s thesis (preparation)

3.      Supplemental



Life safety – 1 credit

Phsyical culture – 1 credit

Sociology – 4 credits

Philosophy – 4 credits

Law – 4 credits

4.      Minor


Study cycle from a pool offered by NRU HSE

5.     English


Internal exam on the English language

Independent exam on the English language

Preparation and defense of the Project Proposal on the topic fo the bachelor’s thesis

6.      Data Culture


Basics of programming in Python

7.     State exams


Defense of the bachelor’s thesis

Options for Students with Disabilities

This degree programme of HSE University is adapted for students with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities. There is a specially designed Physical Education course available for such students (Syllabus of the adapted Physical Education course). Special assistive technology and teaching aids are used for collective and individual learning of students with SEN and disabilities. The specific adaptive features of the programme are listed in each subject's full syllabus and are available to students through the online Learning Management System.

Programme Documentation

All documents of the degree programme are stored electronically on this website. Curricula, calendar plans, and syllabi are developed and approved electronically in corporate information systems. Their current versions are automatically published on the website of the degree programme. Up-to-date teaching and learning guides, assessment tools, and other relevant documents are stored on the website of the degree programme in accordance with the local regulatory acts of HSE University.

I hereby confirm that the degree programme documents posted on this website are fully up-to-date.

Vice Rector Sergey Yu. Roshchin

Summary of Degree Programme 'International Business and Management Studies'

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